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  1. Dragonknight951

    tModLoader Research from 1.4 in Terraria 1.3.5

    Thank you for your timely fix. Great mod btw, absolutely loving all the little things that i feel make it a bit better than the somewhat bare-bones 1.4 journey mode implementation. And even though i personally don't use the options like infinite ammo i still like that you have them as Options...
  2. Dragonknight951

    tModLoader Research from 1.4 in Terraria 1.3.5

    hmmmm. Ok so i am having a slight bug, i have infinite ammo turned off (i even checked in the files out of game to make sure) and yet for some reason it is acting as if the option is on. At first it was working Fine then i installed some new mods, the bug started happening, so i first disabled...
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