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  1. Xira

    PC [] Terraria Inventory Editor (ABANDONED)

    I'm not sure when Shoot is going to return, or Larxene with the non-updater version; but I've got the latest version (v7) right here: https://mega.nz/#!I3ZiwQpD!lAPxzYwk12WyXOv2NvuDvE_CpZ-uKsKkJjgaw9K9dr0
  2. Xira

    tModLoader Banner Checklist

    Server loading error:
  3. Xira

    Tool TerraCustom for 1.3

    I think having hearts in corruption and orbs in crimson was implied...?
  4. Xira

    Tool TerraCustom for 1.3

    YESYESYES! Also, hi. I know you from the Mario Kart Wii forums (I'm Segatendo). :p Btw, I noticed in TEdit a feature is "World ID", which if I'm not mistaken is like a seed...? If so, can you add this in.
  5. Xira

    Tool [Discontinued] Custom World Generator -- TerraCustom

    Sweet! Thanks for this. Can you add an enable/disable for the ocean, please, and possibly the underworld? Secondary thing for ocean, maybe make a way for it to generate somewhere in the middle of the map instead of the sides? That is one thing that has always bothered me about Terraria...
  6. Xira

    Save the Jungle! V2

    Erm, I've completed many Terraria games (yes hardmode), and I never noticed the evil getting far enough in the jungle to ruin the gameplay for me. You just have to be faster I guess...?
  7. Xira

    HERO Terraria Youtuber - Hello my friends.

    Hey, I didn't really watch your video on the forum, only like the first 15 seconds, but I did find this forum through it, so thanks for showing me! Also, my first impression when entering the introductions section and seeing this with almost 100 pages I was like "My word! Seriously people?"...
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