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  1. Worldbreaker Hulk

    How do I post my texture pack to the Forums for everyone to use? - PLS HELP ME!!!

    Hey guys, I could use some help 'cause I am working on my first texture pack post. I have already made myself a texture pack that I can use in game for myself so far - I have included the pack.json and all the contents (images in png) which is in a file folder. My question is how do I take those...
  2. Worldbreaker Hulk

    Working as Designed About the Witch's Broom Mount (blurred mount)

    What's good Terraria Team, I am loving the final update of Terraria, however I have seen this one tiny issue that bugs me: The Witch's Broom becomes fuzzy when you ride it. This was a problem I actually noticed in 1.4, but now I find myself using it a lot more because I am a builder and the fact...
  3. Worldbreaker Hulk

    PC Marvel Terraria Texture Pack Concept Idea... HELP WANTED!!! (spriters)

    What's good!?!?! I love Terraria... I love Marvel... Why not put them together!?!?! I am a huge fan of Marvel and I had a great idea to create a custom Marvel themed texture pack. I initially wanted to make this into a mod, but there's simply not enough guidance out there to create one. Instead...
  4. Worldbreaker Hulk

    Journey's End Vanity Contest Submission Thread

    My Journey's End Vanity Contest Submission :redspin: Hi everyone, I'm Devil Jin and this is my submission for the Terraria Journey's End Vanity Contest. Since I have never used Photoshop and my digital graphics skills are terrible, I added my initial idea of the vanity set in pencil as a sketch...
  5. Worldbreaker Hulk

    PC What's Good Terraria Comunity!!! XD

    Hi everyone, I'm Devil Jin. I was introduced to Terraria mobile by my friend 5 years ago. I absolutely fell in love with the art style and enjoyed playing multiplayer with my sister and friends. When I was finally able to afford an Xbox, the first game I purchased was Terraria. After that I was...
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