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  1. somemustard

    Standalone [1.3] tModLoader - A Modding API

    Yeah... Calamity, Thorium, Tremor, Sacredtools, Elemental Unleashed, Joost, Spirit, and Crystilum are all crashing for me..... ive tried some suggested quick fixes and have had no luck........ ive passed frustration and have entered rage... help... before my PC dies mysteriously.... from...
  2. somemustard

    Console to PC move

    Never said to fix anything, and i realize that terraria is a pc game. but as a console gamer going pc he wanted to know what might be difficult during transition. the terraria ui isnt controller friendly. then i added it would be nice if someone were to mod in the console ui.
  3. somemustard

    Console to PC move

    i just switched to pc, and the problem i run in to alot is that the pc ui isnt built for controllers at all. even the controller support is a little meh. its definitely improved from way back when, but someone needs to mod in the console ui lol btw, message me and maybe we can play together
  4. somemustard

    Xbox One Anyone wanna start new?

    messaged you
  5. somemustard

    Xbox One Terraria Noob

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