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  1. Toasty Engineer

    Terraria File issue

    Hello again, This helped be and i was able to play it for a long time, and now it just wont open anymore i've tried Running as Administrator,Uninstalling Re-Installing, Verifying integrity of the files i just don't know what's wrong i did recently did delete the Config.json.
  2. Toasty Engineer

    PC Troubleshooting Terraria Issues

    Terraria Launch Failures If Terraria fails to launch successfully during Steam, there are a few steps that should be taken into consideration in order to avoid repetitive responses and questions about the current setup of the system it is running on. Be absolutely sure that Microsoft .NET...
  3. Toasty Engineer

    Terraria won't open. [Steam version]

    Issue, that isnt possible it only goes as high 1600 x 900
  4. Toasty Engineer

    PC Terraria keeps crashing

    I'm having the same issue, i really have no clue why or when this happened.
  5. Toasty Engineer

    Terraria won't open. [Steam version]

    Hold on change Window's resolution? If so what do i change it too?
  6. Toasty Engineer

    Terraria won't open. [Steam version]

    My Terraria doesnt seem to be opening, everytime i open it it says i get in the game [Doesnt show me the game] and closes after a few seconds, Any help would be great.
  7. Toasty Engineer

    Terraria File issue

    Question: What will Running it as administrator even do if i may know? Oh and how do i do option 2 and 3?
  8. Toasty Engineer

    Terraria File issue

    My Characters and Worlds got corrupted after a few minutes, when i validated my files(Multiple times) it said i was missing 1 File, is there anybody that could help me with this? Thank you for whoever responds to this.
  9. Toasty Engineer

    Journey's End Vanity Contest Submission Thread

    I tried my best with this.
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