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  1. Roxxz

    tModLoader Yoyos 2.0

    ~ * Read my last post and leave your Suggestions * ~ Yoyos 2.0 Mod This mod adds projectiles and crazy effects to VANILLA yoyos to make them more fun to play with. It also adds Grand Master Ninja Gear Accessory and More (Check Below) Content: Thanks to: @jopojelly, @GabeHasWon...
  2. Roxxz

    Constant "There was an error uploading your file"

    The forums keep saying that there is an error when I try to upload a file (tried many different files in different posts) the error says "There was an error uploading your file". I tried many times since yesterday with different files and on different posts including this post.
  3. Roxxz

    tModLoader Fishing 2.0

    This mod that adds to the current fishing in vanilla Terraria it was designed mainly to aid those doing the fisherman run/challenge but this mod adds new items weapons mounts and alternative ways to get rare stuff that might not have been generated in your world too; so anyone can check it out...
  4. Roxxz

    tModLoader Fishing 2.0

    Mod has been released. Click Here
  5. Roxxz

    Fishing Mods?

    Does anyone know if there are fishing mods or mods that include some fishing related content? (Besides thorium, extreme fishing bait and JayL mod)
  6. Roxxz

    Reforge and sickle mods?

    Is there a mod/is anyone interested in doing a mod that lets you choose the prefix you want to get ingame? Is there a mod/is anyone interested in doing a mod that adds more sickles to the game like the Ice Sickle and the death sickle? Would be nice to make a playtrough with that weapon if there...
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