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  1. TerraLord

    Cataclysm Blade, a Charged Beam Sword

    Epic idea, u have my support
  2. TerraLord

    Weapons Combined

    If you could combine any 2 weapons what would it be called and what would it do? Mine is Vampire Knifes, Terra Blade. It would heal you when you hit enemys, and fires a red beam like the TerrBlade.
  3. TerraLord

    [Sprites] Fallen star furniture

    Must have, must use! Support
  4. TerraLord

    Console What about us?

    I feel like the creators have forgotten us, left us in the mud. The last update i havnt found anything in it. Anyone agree?
  5. TerraLord

    Cosmic Gear: The Final (Fron)Tier! (sprites)

    This is awsome!! 10001/10000!
  6. TerraLord

    When Biomes Clash

    I love this idea. I love the hollow and hate unicorns attacking me everyday
  7. TerraLord

    Xbox 360 Need Players that can help with a Mage run

    Is it ok if im on PS3 -MOMnettie
  8. TerraLord

    Barrels (Compact Storage)

    With Barrels you could store liquids. 25 buckets of something per Barrel , for example 25 buckets of water can fit in 1 Barrel. And if u want to keep the liquid inside use a pick, if you want to delete the liquid mine the barrel with a hammer. Just a fun idea for compact storage. :D Enjoy!
  9. TerraLord

    Console Console 100% Checklist

    Omg how long did that list take you? And did u make it urself?
  10. TerraLord

    Chance to not consume bullet?

    Added together. The 50% from the MegaShark. 20% from mythril and ammo box stacks so u eould get 90% chance to to use ammo. That what i think. But then u could add other things and get 150% chance to use ammo. .. idk
  11. TerraLord

    PS3 All Items Map

    Thx ill try em
  12. TerraLord

    PS3 Anyone want to play?

    PSn: MOMnettie
  13. TerraLord

    PS3 All Items Map

    I know i type it in google but what site do i download it from and how do i open it?
  14. TerraLord

    PS3 All Items Map

    How do i get items map for ps3 Terraria?
  15. TerraLord

    Console Play Station Network Usernames

    My IGN name is MOMnettie so add me i want people to play with (no mic). :joy::joy::joy::eek:
  16. TerraLord

    Pixel Art ThatGamer's Pixel art

    Epic that's all i can say.
  17. TerraLord

    Save the Jungle! V2

    I use rocket 5s and kill the jungle
  18. TerraLord

    WIP Torn Membrane

    I didnt say anything about hot air ballons...
  19. TerraLord

    WIP Torn Membrane

    What about a Membrane bed use membrane instead of silk
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