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  1. LumiNyte

    Mobile Cloud

    Well... I had a cloud saved character in my iPad and I wanted to transfer it to my iPhone which I'm pretty sure shares the same iCloud and Game Center account. But when I tried to transfer it to the iPhone, there weren't any characters in my Cloud save...
  2. LumiNyte

    party rockers in the hou(Party rock anthem chain)

    se tonight
  3. LumiNyte

    Serious Let's help each other.

    Hey. I wanted to bring this up as I don't think that we speak of mental health enough. It's something that needs to be spread awareness of.We're all human, we're all on this same site and we should get along better.No one deserves to suffer alone. This thread is for us to connect more and help...
  4. LumiNyte

    If the above profile pic was a countryball.Which country would be it.

    I'll start:Sovereign Military order of Malta(does not exist)
  5. LumiNyte


  6. LumiNyte

    Humorous Weird things that your pets do

    Title says it. My cat likes high places. One time he got on our food cupboard. Another time he got on the furnace. Another time he got on the fridge. Another time he got on the beverages cupboard(which is in the living room for some reason). And 2 days ago he went on the plates cupboard which...
  7. LumiNyte

    Casual Where have you went

  8. LumiNyte

    YIAY Forum edition

    SIAY has failed(the photos got deleted) so Time for YIAY the recycled one not daily tho srry Question:Can you explain Minecraft in 4 words
  9. LumiNyte

    Serious What are some Vaccinations we need before going to Botswana

    What are some Vaccinations we need before going to Botswana other than Ebola and Aids?I think Botswana is the best country to go in Africa.I need a source that I can Trust
  10. LumiNyte

    SIAY 1

    WARNING THIS IS A JOKE It looks like Fnaf Fanart so lets get rid of it(I am just lazy lol) It needs to be LIT Is it a little hot in here Next ep describe Minecraft in 4 Words
  11. LumiNyte

    this guy is corrupting terraria

    No TerrariaAwesomeParodys please The whole AwesomeParodys Thing is cringy
  12. LumiNyte

    Casual how to install Ubuntu?

    I installed Ubuntu on My USB what do I do now? EDIT:I ASKED MY LINUX USER FRIEND AND HE SOLVED THE PROBLEM
  13. LumiNyte

    PS4 Error code when I try to launch the demo

    help Error code:ce-34878-0
  14. LumiNyte

    Casual Which is better to buy

    A Samsung Tablet to replace my iPad(I hate apple) An XBox 1 S(I prefer XBox over PS Cuz Kinect)
  15. LumiNyte

    Smeasterday I Asked You [Introduction]

    Smeasterday I Asked you(SIAY) is a series that I totally did not copy from JacksFilms Basically, I ask you something and you give a humorous answer or I will ask you should I fix something For the first EP, I will fix ur avatars in a humorous way "Leave your answers in the replies...
  16. LumiNyte

    Serious ouch:(

    My wrist bones just got broken 3 days ago It is better now at least I can write things on a keyboard
  17. LumiNyte

    Serious Is Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Worth it

    I currently Use iPad Air 2 I want a better camera and an AMOLED Display Is it worth it? (answer quick ples)
  18. LumiNyte

    I am living in a country in Europe but not in EU are memes banned for me too?

    Title says it:naughty:
  19. LumiNyte

    Mobile Controls for Surface(P.S This is my birthday)

    I think there should be enabling touch controls on the PC for Surface users P.S Today is my birthday:indifferent: and no I don't own a surface I said this for Surface users
  20. LumiNyte


    What is Be As Sarcastic As Possible? A game series that I ask you a question and you answer it Sarcastically. Tell me if this will be counted as against the rules.:redmunch:
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