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  1. Ripraptor

    OOC Evolutionary Brothers

    (WORK IN PROGRESS; Do not expect full RP to come out any time soon) Domain Kingdom Phylum Class Order Family Genus Species This scale ranks the evolutionary similarity of every creature, living and dead. Us, Humans, Homo Sapiens fall under the Order of Primate, the Family of Hominidae, the Genus...
  2. Ripraptor

    IC Qeb Olibmixvfkd Qbooxofxk Qxsbok

    (https://forums.terraria.org/index.php?threads/qeb-olibmixvfkd-qbooxofxk-qxsbok-ooc.78004/ OOC Thread) Well... This is strange. Peculiar. Weird. Unusual. You seem to be in what appears to be a ruined bar. It is unkempt, tables and chairs knocked over, and cobwebs old enough that even their...
  3. Ripraptor

    OOC Qeb Olibmixvfkd Qbooxofxk Qxsbok - OOC

    Talk here, make applications, etc. A basic application can be found here: Characters from other roleplays can be and are encouraged to be used here. In that case, applications from said roleplay can be used here. Don't expect this to be your average roleplay, it's not. I will give one hint, for...
  4. Ripraptor

    PC Buying an Ankh Shield

    I want an Ankh Shield, and I will give either a Paladin's Shield, or 25-35 gold.
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