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    Anyone Else Hate The Pylon System?

    Even if it required them to be happy, It's more so the fact that two npc's have to be near every pylon for them to be functional.
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    Anyone Else Hate The Pylon System?

    I mean I wanna use em, but having two npc's centered near each pylon for them to work is a bit excessive right? NPC happiness is okay to me, and having the npc's sell pylons when happy is fine, but why in the world do I have to have two happy npc's near the pylon for it to work! I feel like it...
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    **REPORTED** Game crash (Journey's end)

    I recently had the same problem with bluetooth earbuds. It strangely happens when the battery dies to me. The game just closes.
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    PC Steelseries GameSense (app for Steelseries products)

    Yeah I don't get why they would make it compatible for those specific brands, it's just lighting efffects, I mean come on.
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    Journey's End Vanity Contest Submission Thread

    This is my design, called Biosphere or just Biome Armor. Each part of the body includes a different biome found in Terraria. The Hat represents the oceans endless water The face represents the jungle and grass biome, with the eyes representing sunflowers The body represents the corruption and...
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