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  1. Stoicatol21445

    Ask an asthmatic dude that has bad eye-sight anything

    The title is pretty self-explanatory, I am a Asthmatic guy that wears glasses. I will most likely not answer question about my age, place, etcetera, etcetera... Sexual Orientation is okay though. That's pretty much it. …uh, Yeah...
  2. Stoicatol21445

    PC The Zoologist Virus (Work-In-Progress)

    Working in my lab one night, I thought of a plan to take over the world Tri-State Terraria! I will make a virus that turns everything into THE ZOOLOGIST! "Parties Not Included" The Demolitionist and Dye Trader will be done next @Kylotl - The Original Idea [/spoiler] This was inspired by...
  3. Stoicatol21445

    Stoic's Intro

    Hello, my name is Alexander, I prefer to go by Alex. I have played Terraria since before Old-Gen Console stopped receiving updates (Whenever that was, lol). If you have any questions about me just post them in the comments.
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