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  1. teckton

    A list of things I'd love to see in 1.4

    Greetings, I finally came back out of lurking. I'm super stoked about Journey's End, and I'm loving that a lot of old or outdated things are getting some attention. Keep it up, Re-Logic. I look forward to what spoilers you guys have for us! BUT, with a major update, comes a wishlist! So here...
  2. teckton

    Any mods that add item searching for chests?

    Greetings, I'm playing modded with a friend and our chests aren't very... organized, and it can take nearly 10 minutes just to find an item I'm looking for. So are there any mods that add search bars and the like to chest GUIs, so I can specifically type something in and it'll highlight the...
  3. teckton

    PC What's your favorite NPC quote?

    Hello Terrarians, I've had my mind on this for a while now ever since I discovered some hilarious NPC quotes. and I want to know other people's favorite NPC quote. It can be any NPC, with any kind of quote. My favorite NPC quote has got to be from the Angler when he asks for a Clownfish. "I...
  4. teckton

    PC An issue regarding Left/Right click in game.

    Hello, fellow Terrarians. So recently, my birthday ended and I got a mouse called the Razer DeathAdder. I loved the mouse and all, but I've dealing with an issue lately. All the controls for the mouse in Terraria have been inverted, so like pressing buttons like "Multiplayer" or "Reforge" is now...
  5. teckton

    PC A Handful of Small Suggestions

    (I had nowhere else to put this thread due to many different types of suggestions combined.) Hello. So I have thought up a bunch of small ideas for Terraria. ITEMS Soul of Clight: Nothing special, just an alternate version of Soul of Night for the crimson. Molten Shell: Neptune's Shell (1)...
  6. teckton

    PC Spectre Wrenches/Wire Ideas

    Hello, So I've been thinking about spectre stuff and a lot about wires and the possibilities. Theirs spectre painting tools, so why not have spectre wrenches? I also have ideas for new wire stuff, too. Yellow Wrench: Bought from the mechanic Same mechanics of all other Wrenches except yellow...
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