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    PC Piercing Mechanics Fix Plugin

    I made a Terraria Tweaker 2 Plugin (for to fix the vast majority of bugs in Terraria related to weapons or projectiles being unable to deal damage. The problem with piercing weapons is that they tend to completely block other weapons from dealing damage. Please give feedback on my...
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    A mod that improves lighting is possible

    Is anyone interested in a mod to improve the game's lighting? Does anyone know of any lighting mods that have been created? I was initially interested in "fixing" lighting because I noticed that light can only change direction 3 times when spreading. Light always spreads down-up, right-left...
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    tModLoader Single Fire Fix: responsive single-fire weapons

    This mod dramatically improves the responsiveness of single-fire weapons. Rather than a mod, this an unofficial bug-fix and a major quality of life improvement. Normally the game will ignore your input if you use a weapon just before it is ready, but with this mod, your input won't be ignored if...
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    **REPORTED** Sharpening Station applies to minions, ranged projectiles, magic projectiles.

    The sharpening station applies piercing to all damage dealt by the player including minions, magic, and ranged if you are holding a melee weapon while damage is being dealt. The description implies the piercing bonus should only apply to damage from the equipped melee weapon. The one easy way...
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    Working as Designed Critical hit chance of projectiles uses currently held weapon to determine critical hit chance.

    The critical hit chance of the currently held weapon is applied to the critical hit of all projectiles from the same player, even if they are from a different weapon type. The critical hit chance of a projectile is not influenced by the weapon that created that projectile unless that weapon...
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    Standalone PreClick Weapon use: Improved behavior for all non-autofire weapons

    This mod prevents clicks and button presses from doing nothing if you attack slightly early when using an item. If you continue holding down an attack button with this mod, it will attack once the weapon is ready. This is not the same as autofire, since it will only ever attack one time per...
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