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  1. Pigman Δ

    Summoner 1.4.1 Playthrough

    As you all know, 1.4.1 added new Summoner gear for earlygame and buffed most of the old stuff. I haven't tried Summoner at all yet, so I was going to start one anyway, but I thought I would share it here for anyone curious. I am technically doing all classes (like I always do), but focusing on...
  2. Pigman Δ

    PC Non-critical event spawning bug

    When the Goblin Army/any other event spawns, the messages are bugged: It announces "A (invasion) is approaching from the (direction)" as normal, and I wait a few seconds, and it says it again. Then, 1 or 2 secs after, the invasion arrives. Like: "Pirates are approaching from the east!" 5-10 secs...
  3. Pigman Δ

    Pixel Art Pigsprites!

    This is a compilation of my sprites. I may or may not accept requests, as I am not really that good. Items Soul of Eternal Night Weapons Bush Staff Bushling Unnamed Whip The Tongue Shadowflame Elemental Staff Skeletal Horde Staff Equipables Sharksniper Helm Sharksniper Plating...
  4. Pigman Δ

    Otherworld music v Terraria music

    Which do you think is best? Personally I think OW music is MUCH more epic, but there's one problem.... it removes the empress theme... :nursemad: :dryadcry:
  5. Pigman Δ

    Add special Paints akin to the special Dyes

    This suggestion is short, but sweet. It's so ANNOYING how dyes have all these fancy colours but paints don't. Additions: Special Paints such as: Grim Paint Acid Paint Hades Paint Twilight Paint Basically a paint for every special dye. The painter now has a strange plant dialogue option...
  6. Pigman Δ

    WIP Golem rework

    Golem is still easy + boring + very cheesable. -> :golem: Even after 1.4. I don't think he needs a buff. That would only remove one problem (easy). He needs a mega-rework, and I have an idea for a way to do it. Feel free to give constructive criticism. Walkthrough: Stage 1: Golem will appear in...
  7. Pigman Δ

    Sprites "Boss Doors"

    Don't vote EoW, BoC or Queen Bee. I already have them down but it doesn't seem to let you discard choices. Hi! This is my idea for something that could be implemented to help mapmakers. This is my first post so it probably isn't very good. -_- These are my first sprites too, so they're...
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