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  1. Axios

    Xbox One Looking for a Bezoar

    It's literally the last material I need for the Ankh Charm. If anyone could help I would genuinely appreciate it, of course payment is an offer. I propose double the sale price of the item (cost+time) or a trade of similar rarity/value. Please get back to me as soon as you can! Until then, back...
  2. Axios

    Defusion/Disarmament Kit

    Defusion/Disarmament Kit Use Time: Quick Rarity: Blue Value: 5g Crafted With; ×1 Red Wrench ×1 Blue Wrench ×1 Green Wrench ×1 Wire Cutter ×20 Wire ×1 Blueprint Blueprint will be sold by the mechanic for 1g and is solely used for the Kit. When held, left click on any naturally generating...
  3. Axios

    Survival Fallen Souls

    Fallen Souls This is a map I've been working on for awhile now. If any of you know me, you know I create with the intention to share, but never finish the creation process. However this time will be different. I'm not just creati g a cool house. I'm creating an entire world! Below you will find...
  4. Axios

    Short Story The Fate of Axios

    It is written, a heros fate is known when his fame grows. This, is the events of said heros fate. Axios, as usual was trying to calm down his 4 baby mama's. Suddenly an explosion makes them all jump. Axios grabs his Terra Blade and rushes outside to see his castle wall collapse in flames...
  5. Axios

    PC Building Ideas

    Ok, so I am doing my first map where my npcs don't have a hotel. The entire map will have details and be visually pleasing. Problem is I don't bag many ideas. I have my house, a pond, and a bridge on the pond. But now i need ideas for npc housing. That's where you guys come in! I'd like to hear...
  6. Axios

    Story Thanós

    ((This will be a journal of my OC in Oblivion. I much admit, I got the idea to do this from @Samrux the paladin. Please like, and leave a response to keep me going and inspired and I hope you enjoy!)) "I have done things. Horrible things. Things I will regret. I have killed so many in the...
  7. Axios

    Saved Data

    OK, so rather simple really. I have GOG Terraria and have done a lot in it and so has my girlfriend. I recently discovered steams offline mode. So my question is, if I download Steam Terraria, will I have all my saved data from GOG Terraria? Please explain in stupid so I can understand :P
  8. Axios

    Humorous What did you do for April Fools?

    Simple as that, what did you do for April fools? I dressed up as a zombie: tattered clothes, bloody face and ligaments, had my friend do make up for wounds and the dead look, etc. And limped down a busy road.
  9. Axios

    Ask a Axios

    Hello and welcome. I was recently talked into making this after having a fear of no one asking anything. Anyway ask away. I'll answer personal questions, game questions, etc. And I'll answer them ALL! So what are you waiting for? Ask away!
  10. Axios


    This is the GMod thread. Talk about it and what you like to do in it here. I personally like to pit army vs army. Or take cool pictures that are cool. So what do you like to do?
  11. Axios

    Other Art Simple GMod Creations

    This basically is my dump site for all of my creations. Enjoy! And don't forget to leave a comment!
  12. Axios

    WIP Up in Flames

    Hello all and welcome to my Up in Flames saga! This story is about one of my characters and his world in a terraria. Now I strayed away from said characters personality a little. In the game he is a Bullet ranger, but in the story he is both a Bullet Ranger and Melee. So without further ado...
  13. Axios

    Serious Forum

    OK I recently descovered Proboard Forum Creator. And I really want to create one, but the problem is I want it to be popular(ish) and I don't know what to make it about. Ideas please?
  14. Axios

    Drawings & Paintings Digital Arts

    OK, so I'd like to excell at most forms of art. I have traditional and sprites down. Next is digital drawings. I hear some people draw traditional then scan it to their computer and make it look digital there. I hear most use a tablet. Problem is I have no tablet and I'm on a no income budget so...
  15. Axios

    Drawings & Paintings I need an artist!

    Hello, as many of you know I'm working on a mod called Tesla. What I think would be really cool is if we had digital art and oriental art as spoilers and concept art and the like. Of course you'll be receiving credit! Please get back to me soon. Thanks :)
  16. Axios

    Do your characters know each other?

    Its pretty much as simple as that. Most often people tend to create a story involving their video game characters. I know many of you have several characters, so do you pretend they know each other or are related? If so please explain. For example; Axios>Exodus>Ledonius>Cowl>Soul (Yeah he made...
  17. Axios

    WIP Paintball Gun

    Ok, pretty simple, its a paintball gun that you can shoot enemies and players alike with. Paintball Gun Sold by Party Girl for 5g 'Paints your foes!' :All ammunition crafted at Work Bench with 50 Musket Balls and respected color Paint Bucket: Red Paintball Blue Paiintball Yellow Paintball...
  18. Axios

    Axios' Photo Editer

    Hello fellow TCF members and welcome to another art thread of mine that will probably die Axios' Photo Editer! Here I edit photos a little and throw things in or take things out. The pictures will explain better than I will. I stumbled across my hidden photo editer ability not too long ago...
  19. Axios

    Poetry Exodus Vs. Arcanis Rap Battle Part 1

    Exodus Vs. Round 1 Arcanis ¦Exodus¦ You challenge me in books, but maybe you should take a look, I'm just sitting on my throne, watching you get powned, I hear you like to kill, but get ready to die, I take this as a thrill, but you make me sigh. ¦Arcanis¦ You don't...
  20. Axios

    How many characters do you have?

    How many Terraria characters do you have and what are their names? I personally only have one and if you can guess his name you get a cookie but there are more to come!
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