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  1. FishyGetsEaten

    I actually realized I never made an introduction thread. Here it is!

    Age: *CONFIDENTIAL* Gender: Male Religion: Neutral Where I live: North America Intrests: Video Games, Combat in traditional sword and spear combat, Food, Air, Water, math, and school in general. Hobbies: Reading, some magic tricks, and practicing with my sword and spear. Likes: Piano...
  2. FishyGetsEaten

    Ask Me Just About Everything

    This is an AMA thread, nothing personal, and please obey regular forum rules, thank you.
  3. FishyGetsEaten

    Pixel Art Pixel Art Requests

    I’m a ameture, but I’m hoping to get better, I must warn you that for whatever reason I can only attach screenshots, I don’t know if that affects anything, but I will still take requests and post them nonetheless. Here is a bit of my previous work, not awesome, but not bad.
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