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  1. Leon Asian

    PC Question about Terraria mods.

    Hi, community. I hope that everybody are very well. I've been playing Terraria for years, but as for mods, I only played it once with Thorium. I would like to play it with Overhaul, but I need information: What mods can be mix with Overhaul, without any problems? It is possible to use at the...
  2. Leon Asian

    Show to everyone your town (house)

    Medium world, in Expert mode, with Corruption. Pre hardmode. The town is still in progress: On the top of the construction, there is a witchcraft house. I even have a fishing house on the bottom (right side). There are many crops. What you think?
  3. Leon Asian

    Can someone teach me how to make spiral staircases?

    Hello! :D In Terraria it's quite easy to make hand ladders, like the one in the picture. Am building a beach house, for easy fishing. But I will like to do cool looking spiral staircases. Can someone help me with this? Please :D http://oi68.tinypic.com/29vlc2e.jpg Cheers.
  4. Leon Asian

    Looking for certain mod.

    Hello! :D A few years ago, I had the opportunity to see a mod of Terraria, that in certain point you could build a magic mirror that give you the change to travel to another map of the same size, but with a few changes in the scenario. It was marvelous to obtain materials, without to make new...
  5. Leon Asian

    About the vanilla World generator.

    Hello! I been wondering if when you create small worlds, they have all the essential chests and biomes? I mean, the small worlds in Terraria, can always have the Dungeon, and granite biomes, and such? Because I really find to be more enjoyable, to play in small worlds. Any thoughts? Cheers!
  6. Leon Asian

    ¿Hay jugadores de Terraria que hablen español en ésta bella comunidad?

    Hola :) Saludos a todos. Me preguntaba si en ésta hermosa comunidad hay jugadores de Terraria que hablen español? Sí los hay, me gustaría conocerlos :)
  7. Leon Asian

    tAPI Suggestion with the Mining Helmet.

    Hello to everyone. I been wondering if anyone knows a tAPI mod that gives the ability to use the Mining Helmet in the social slot, and still provides light? A tAPI mod for that could be great, don’t you think so? Can anyone made that little mod? :D Cheers to all!
  8. Leon Asian

    Two Terraria Mods in the same time? (help)

    Hello boys and girls. I have a little problem: I own Terraria (not the Steam version by the way, but if necessary I can find it). I successfully installed the Terraria Game Launcher, and I have this marvelous Mods: N Terraria, Avalon, and Dark Souls (the Prepare to Die edition). I was...
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