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  1. Zak

    PC Port Forwarding

    Aight, so I'm trying to host a server, yeah? I should make it clear that I'm trying to host a TShock Server too. I tried without port forwarding, but hah. Simple ways never work. So y'know, I have heard port forwarding was hard, confusing, and long. Actually it wasn't that long of a process...
  2. Zak

    Let's Make a Story!

    I play this a lot with my sisters, so why not give it a try here? All you do is comment one word, but it has to make a story with the person above. It'll be like one giant run-on sentence. If you can't add on to the sentence any more, but a period and start a new one. :P ex: Zak: Once User...
  3. Zak

    PC More Living Trees!

    So, walking along the world of Terraria I encountered an So I trey to make red (without paint) Then I try because that would be cool. So I wanted to see if my would work. I am perfectly aware that none of them change. To sum it all up, I basically think that there should be more types of...
  4. Zak

    PC Ugly Houses!

    This is a thread where all of your "bad" builds go. If you want to post something, Now if you don't have any "bad" houses then create one. Find some blocks that people don't use often for building and make something like I did :D All of the ugly houses: If you upload an ugly house to the...
  5. Zak

    Other Art Derping around....

    That's what happens when you don't have any ideas for Happy Wheels levels...
  6. Zak

    PC Water NPC ??? (Sprite)

    Introducing *drum role* THE FISH TRADER!!!!! The Fish Trader is a non-hardmode NPC that are like the other NPCs. He defends himself with "Fish bone" Which is exactly like the "bone" you obtain from the dungeon. When killed he will drop 15-40 "Fish bones" Type: Underwater town AI type: Passive...
  7. Zak

    Other Art Taking Sprite Requests!

    Currently taking requests. Nothing too hard ;) If you would like to see how "good" I am, click the spoilers below!
  8. Zak

    PC Soul Of Smite (Sprites)

    Turns out I am way to backed up on requests. Maybe another time when me and my friend get this finished we can post it but for now nope. Also I don't think people were really liking it so please, somebody lock this thread and delete it from existence ;(
  9. Zak

    PC New Furniture (Sprites)

    In the last update there has been a lot of furniture added so why not add more? I have noticed that there are many different types of chests, bookshelves, beds, etc. But I have noticed that there are no different signs. There is just that plain old boring wood one. Also I don't have all of the...
  10. Zak

    PC Spells! (Sprites)

    I always thought Terraria lacked spells so I made a few more spells. Downside is that they have no stats so that's when you come in ^u^ Pick out a spell and give it some stats/damage and stuff like that. I might add more spells later on so be sure to keep up with this ;) (NOTE) If you are...
  11. Zak

    PC Mechanical Slime (Sprite)

    NOT A BOSS, but find it in hard mode and the underground hallow Life: 300 Drops: 2-3 gold coins AI- type: Slime AI (duh) Defense: 30 Damage: 65 Knock back resist: 70% Rarity: Uncommon Sprite: It is as big as the mother slime by the way.
  12. Zak

    PC Flesh/Corrupted Sword (With Sprite)

    This would be crafted with 10 vertebraes and crafted at any workbench Type: Weapon Damage: 10 Knock-back: 5 Max Stack: 1 Rarity: White Use Time: 24 (fast) Sell: 3 Silver 60 Copper This would be crafted with 10 rotten chunks and crafted at any workbench Type: Weapon Damage: 10 Knock-back: 5 Max...
  13. Zak

    PC Vulture Wings (With Sprites)

    I have noticed that there are wings for bats/harpies/beetles. I was thinking if there were vulture wings, they would be crafted by 20 souls of flight and a "Dead Feather" which would be a rare drop from vultures on hard-mode only. You would craft them at a mythril anvil along as all the other...
  14. Zak

    Console Boats

    If you go to the ocean, and go into the ocean and float down to the bottom, you will find a broken boat (not a block or anything just one of those things that worms come out of.) If you break it, you will get a broken boat. If you take this all the way back up to your tinker's workshop with 25...
  15. Zak

    PC Place-able Whoopie Cushion

    It would be like any other whoopie cushion but when you place it in chairs, the NPC will sit on it and will make it fart. :) Anybody like this idea? (:
  16. Zak

    Xbox 360 Hot Air Balloon!

    Hot Air Balloon- Crafted by Silk, wood, and crafted at mythril anvil. Grants the ability to fly. This picture isn't mine... I found it on google.
  17. Zak


    Bridge- can be crafted with platforms and whatever kind of wood and stone blocks. Bridges act like platforms but they look a little nicer and they're max stack is 999. Cables- Crafted with wire and stone blocks. They can attach to bridges to make them look cooler. If you hit bridges with a...
  18. Zak

    Xbox 360 New bricks & Bars

    I have been building pixel art and been playing on ssc servers SO... I have found this new ore COLERED ORE You could make them into red/orange/yellow/green/blue/purple/pink/black bricks, swords, pickaxes, axes, and armor. It is great for ssc because it has the defense of a gold sword and armor.
  19. Zak

    Xbox 360 NPC!

    Zombine- Player must have lived through 3 nights and have an empty house Appearance- This NPC will look like a headcrab zombie. Sell- He would sell everything that a zombie drops such as: Shackle, Zombie arm, ect. http://i.imgur.com/dM3Sl7ih.png Superhero- Played must have lived through the...
  20. Zak


    Potion of the unseen- Mobs cannot detect you except for bosses. Sales potion- most of the stuff that NPCs sell it is discounted.
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