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  1. StargazerSammie

    Sprites Frostburn Boots - A Boot for most of your needs!

    I don't know if this idea has been done before but this one was thrown around by me and some friends and I set out to make the sprite and thread for it here. So these are the Frostburn Boots. Their premise is simple, they're a combination accessory of two commonly used boots, the Frostspark...
  2. StargazerSammie

    Sprites Dreadwood - A Proper Pirate Furniture Collection

    At the moment, Terraria is severely lacking when it comes to Pirates. Though the Pirates drop the Golden Furniture collection, it looks great for a treasure room. But not for the outfitting of an entire pirate ship. But the addition of the Flying Dutchman in 1.3 gave me some hope and has now...
  3. StargazerSammie

    PC Moon's Tear & Moon Orb - Hardmode Mana Stars

    First off, I have no idea if anyone has done anything like this before and if they have, I apologize for having a similar idea. Mine however, spawned from Majora's Mask in a way. Also as a Disclaimer; I don't claim this suggestion to be all that great and it's probably actually a really bad idea...
  4. StargazerSammie

    PC Sammie's Builds

    Um hi? I'm Sammie (duh) and I have absolutely no idea how this all works :dryadconfused: Best way to learn is to do it so yeah, I'm attempting to make a post to show off the things I build. Some of it is based off others builds I've seen online and some of it is all me. Might as well start with...
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