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    (Mobile/Android) Question about dungeons

    If I understand it right, if I replace dungeon walls they become player placed walls & that impacts spawns. Is it the same for blocks/bricks if I were to swap them in the world created dungeon (but leave the background walls alone)? Thanks in advance for any replies. :) (I asked here because I'm...
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    Resolved [Mobile] World seed question & planter box question

    World Seed: Can I use the same world seed but give the world a different name while both are in my Worlds folder without messing up the game? Planter Boxes: Are there any specific things to know to get seeds put in planter boxes to fully grow? Example: On my map I put 3 planter boxes but the 3rd...
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    Mobile Journey All Items Map

    Happy Holidays Everyone! This is still a WIP but it's done enough it might be useful to someone. It's different from the other very well done all items maps. I grouped things together using wiki. I also made themed rooms. This way I could easily make a character for specific things like a melee...
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    Mobile Game crashes loading some worlds

    Ram 1gb, Bluetooth Yes, CPU Speed 1.3 GHz (4 Core) I have 3 worlds--2 made previous to the last update (Amazon 12801), 1 made after. All worlds worked fine (about a week) until today. I was working on moving my collected things from an older world to the new. After exiting the new to return to...
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    Mobile What kind of bait?

    I've heard of ice fishing, but never fire fishing. :)
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