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  1. Zygomorph

    Ask a zebra

    Dunno, isn't this the naming trend? Did I already make a thread like this? Don't think so. Anyways, ask away! I am a person who likes coding and other things too. Kind of rare for a coder. Some things: I enjoy Gravity Falls and Doctor Who. I enjoy Brackets because it's good. I enjoy having...
  2. Zygomorph

    tAPI [Guide/Resources] - Adding Projectiles to Melee Weapons

    So what if you're making a large sword, and you want to add a debuff to it? Check out Getting Started With Modding. But there are some things that berberborscing doesn't touch on, regarding items. (Go to http://dev.willhuxtable.com/ids/#buff for a buff list. [Remember something- not many buffs...
  3. Zygomorph

    Powder Tweaks

    Well yeah, the name is a WIP. So hi. You're probably wondering why you decided to read this suggestion. Because it's there. That's why. Anyways, I'm going to flesh this out more than any of my other suggestions, because the idea has potential to be included into the game. Vile Powder. Creating...
  4. Zygomorph

    Stat Cloaks

    Most people don't realize that they even exist. Capes. Sold by the Traveling Merchant for a hefty sum yet completely useless. Stat Cloaks. Sold by the Traveling Merchant for a hefty sum yet are worth it (hopefully). Name | Buy/Sell | Stat Bonus Ranger's Cloak | 15 / 3 | +10% Ranged Damage...
  5. Zygomorph

    tAPI Shadowbeam Staff projectile AiStyle?

    Basically yeah. If you know what it is, then I would love to know.
  6. Zygomorph

    Super Bombs

    I was reading a bit about WWII, specifically the Battle of Midway, and I thought of a little thing we could add to the game: Super Bombs! True to their form, you would drop them while looking off a cliff, flying, or falling even. Obviously if you were just sitting there, it would drop and...
  7. Zygomorph

    Critter Pets

    I like capturing little critters with a bug net and putting them in tanks (why bug net, that's weird) and looking at the absurd cuteness. However, it's kind of limited. This is why I propose a small change: when you catch the critter in your bug net, you get it in your hotbar and have it as your...
  8. Zygomorph

    tAPI Strange useStyle quirk

    I use my items that I modded in, just testing them, right? Then I noticed this quirk with the items that have a useStyle of 1, the Shurikens and the Venom Dagger. I set these to 1 so I could have an animation of throwing them but I still have a "shoot" value. The thing I noticed was that the...
  9. Zygomorph

    Zygomorphic Q&A

    I love how I can just put 'zygomorphic' in front of something to make it my thread. Anyways, here I answer stuff. Ask me stuff.
  10. Zygomorph

    Other Art Zygomorphic Arts

    You may want to reload. I will be showcasing some art that I made (drawings) and I'm going to take requests. I may have to change that later because I lack a ton of initiative and am quite lazy. You get the idea. Please request only if you really want it. The request log is below in the...
  11. Zygomorph

    Other Art Zygomorphic Banner Workshop

    You might want to reload, as sometimes the images are broken. So here I will make some banners; I'm pretty good at it and I would like to get better. In no way is this supposed to compete with Pumpking or darthmorf's workshops, in fact, check them out. That's an order. As usual with these, you...
  12. Zygomorph

    Casual What would your custom title be?

    So this is where you could comment on if you got a custom title, what it would be. To start off, mine would be "Experiment #210". EDIT- Or "Zeeba"
  13. Zygomorph

    Complicating Simple Math #1

    Here you go! 500/30=16.7, or 16 rounding badly. So at full health and dealing 30 damage each time, it would take 16.7 hits to kill a player. At the Destroyer's health of 60,000, it would take 3,529 hits at 30 damage to kill him. At 1 stab a second, that's 3,529 seconds, 58.8 mins, or 1 hr...
  14. Zygomorph

    tAPI Builder error

    I got this beautiful error when I tried to compile my mod, which has no other coding problems: System.UnauthorizedAccessException: Access to the path 'C:\Users\YOUDON'TNEEDTOKNOW\Documents\My Games\Terraria\tAPI\Mods\Local\Mundus Novum Expansion Pack.tapi' is denied. at...
  15. Zygomorph

    TCF Suggestion Collapsible Profile Page thingies

    (Has someone suggested this before? If so, sorry.) When there's a lot of comments on a profile (<cough>Jetstream</cough>), you have to click the 'View previous comments' button, right? But what if you want to collapse them again, like if the comments take up a whole page, you should be able to...
  16. Zygomorph

    Story Story of the Mechanical Bosses

    So Ginnoken requested a story about Skeletron Prime, so I changed it up a bit. Here goes:
  17. Zygomorph

    Staff of Choice

    Projectiles are just kind of... there, right? They are inseperable from their weapons, pathetic and other words. Sooooo: Staff of Choice 48 magic damage Average knockback The special thing about this weapon is that you set what projectile to use by pressing a button. A GUI would come up, you...
  18. Zygomorph

    Other Art Personal Ribbons

    You know how you have those ribbons under your name? Well I can edit them and then make them have personal text. This is great for signatures, magazine/complitations and other things. I have made these for Pixel and Teal. Refer to these for what they look like. I have also made another version...
  19. Zygomorph

    Poetry Mah Limerix!

    So I have been doing poetry for a decent amount of time now, and I have shown a righteous affinity for limericks. Therefore, I thought it would be fun to have people ask me to make limericks/normal poems for them. It doesn't need to be about Terraria. Shoot!
  20. Zygomorph

    Jointed signs

    What if you are making a giant building and you don't want to make a logo out of blocks? That's why I propose joined signs. If you've ever played Minecraft with OptiFine, you'll notice that blocks join seamlessly, and that's kind of what I want here. The main quirk would be that the text would...
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