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  1. ShadowTiger

    TCF Suggestion (Xenforo 2.1/2.2 AddOn) - Auto-Merge Double Posts.

    Hey all! Xenforo forum software afficianado here. I noticed an abundance of users double posting and the excellent diligence of the phenomenal staff pleasantly catching and handling them all. It's impressive to see. But what if it weren't necessary for as many resources to be devoted to the...
  2. ShadowTiger

    TV Star Trek: Lower Decks

    There are currently two episodes of this show out right now, and I have to say, I've thoroughly enjoyed both of them. Of course, I'm saying that as a huge, huge fan of Star Trek, and also a reasonably big fan of shows like Rick & Morty, Family Guy, The Simpsons, and so on. Not that those are...
  3. ShadowTiger

    PC Putting paint in the ammo slot makes it not auto-search-place with the smart cursor.

    ... for lack of a better word. When paint is in the regular inventory: Painting with the Smart Cursor and just holding in the button has the little yellow box roving all over the area near the cursor for places to automatically paint. This is normal, functional behavior. It's also the...
  4. ShadowTiger

    Stone platforms are the greatest thing ever.

    To be honest, I kind of feel like a wild fool for even thinking of posting this, but it's something that's been on my mind for a long time now ever since 1.4 came out. I just think they're visually designed so very well that they're versatile for so many casual constructions. I found that it's...
  5. ShadowTiger

    Parts of games where you feel overpowered. (But fairly!)

    Post occasions during video games where you feel like a major badass! :cool: It could also be an "11th Hour Superpower" thread if you'd like. This thread will probably contain spoilers. Be warned. Super Metroid: Yakuza 0 [/spoiler]
  6. ShadowTiger

    Post funny gaming scenes or glitches.

    If it's a funny glitch or unusually rare funny scene from a video game, post it here!
  7. ShadowTiger

    What inspired the Rod of Discord and its name?

    Every time I think of the Rod of Discord, I can't help but think of John De Lancie's multiple chaotic characters that he's portrayed. Q and Discord pop in whenever they want and inflict bountiful amounts of chaos, rendering those around them annoyed to the point of intolerance. Hence the...
  8. ShadowTiger

    Not having to click "Research" when there's a fully researchable stack in it.

    Simply put, if there's a required amount of any good in the Journey Mode Research Pane, or at least however many it takes to 100% research that item, it should automatically press that Research button for us. That would save us a little bit of carpal tunnel pain in having to move items from the...
  9. ShadowTiger

    Bulk-Submitting Strange Plants isn't easy.

    So, this is a very, very stupid topic, and I feel silly for even suggesting it. Imagine bringing a thousand Strange Plants to the Dye Guy to exchange for new Dyes. You know how when you click on the dialog option to trade it in, he gives you some text? That text is not consistent between each...
  10. ShadowTiger

    Create a "Strong" Echo Block that can only be mined by the Picksaw.

    I think Echo Blocks are an incredible creation and I'm definitely grateful for them. What may concern me now and then is that they may very easily be too fragile despite being a potentially critical component of some adventure maps. The concept of an invisible wall is fantastic for...
  11. ShadowTiger

    Does the Party Girl ever -not- sell the Bubble Machine?

    According to the Wiki, the Bubble Machine should constantly be available from the Party Girl. I'm on the PC Version of Terraria It's a Blood Moon, and my Party Girl is in her home the Underworld / Hell. (Don't judge me. It was temporary, I promise.) But she doesn't seem to be...
  12. ShadowTiger

    Create Gravestones at a Heavy Workbench.

    It's as the title suggests: It would be lovely if we could craft gravestones at a Heavy Workbench. There are some that need only wood. There are some that require stone. There are some that require gold (Or platinum.) and that obelisk one might need obsidian. But it'd sure be a great...
  13. ShadowTiger

    How did you get your username?

    Tell us the origin story of your forum username! Is it unique to this community? Is it something you use everywhere?
  14. ShadowTiger

    Money Trough Hotkey.

    This is a simple one. If you have a Money Trough item in your inventory, hitting this hotkey would spawn it as if you had used it from your hotbar. This would be useful for an early-game (If it can even be called that.) Void Bank functionality until you actually get the Void Bank. I know it's...
  15. ShadowTiger

    Ever created a "Vault of items?" - Like a museum of displaying things?

    Has anyone here ever made some kind of a massive museum of the items in the game? Like, they make an entire building just to showcase the boss trophies they've collected? If they have, that means they've probably had to do a lot of math. There's all kinds of little measurements that need to...
  16. ShadowTiger

    Hammer doesn't reach walls behind slopes on first click.

    Here's an odd suggestion that is mostly for people who enjoy the aesthetics of decorations and making slopes. ... or for people that like to make walls before putting blocks down, I guess. Follow along here. Put down an outline of your house. It'll have lots of internal sloped blocks. We're...
  17. ShadowTiger

    RShift and RAlt in addition to LShift and LAlt

    A very simple suggestion - Allow us to have RShift and RAlt function the same as LShift and LAlt for whatever purposes they have. That's all. Nothing hideously complex. LShift lets you move items from an inventory to a shop or trash without dragging them over with the cursor. LAlt lets you...
  18. ShadowTiger

    Is anyone else sad that the Hallow isn't "good?"

    When I first saw the Hallow in the spoilers and previews for patch 1.1, you should've seen how bright my face lit up. I was honestly tremendously excited for something that I could consider to be the wholesome natural counter to the world evil of the corruption (or later, the crimson.) The...
  19. ShadowTiger

    PC Paint Slot.

    The really weird thing about our inventory in Terraria is that there is an unspoken, un-illustrated "priority" of items that exist. If you have two pickaxes and you use your smart-cursor to automatically mine something, it won't select your stronger pick - It'll select the one closer to the...
  20. ShadowTiger

    PC Keyboard shortcuts to toggle ruler / paint sprayer (etc)

    Forgive me if this already has one, but is there a way to create a rebindable keyboard shortcut for any of the abilities given to us by the Ruler / Paint sprayer / Grand Design? I'm watching all of these people that make such amazing use of their tools, and they tend to toggle them so often to...
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