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  1. The1DarkLord

    PC Tutorial

    Really, I mean this. A tutorial on the main menu under multiplayer or something. A little world with a little area surrounded by lihzard bricks. In this area, the tutorial would take place, teaching you all the hotkeys and controls, how to control your character, and how to use different...
  2. The1DarkLord

    PC The Locker

    Why I didn't think of this sooner, I do not know. Why are we so obsessed with locking chests? Why not have lockers? They would measure 2x4. They would have one variant for all furniture sets. They would have half the storage of a chest, because they can be locked via the combo lock (1 iron/lead...
  3. The1DarkLord

    PC Locking Chest

    Now, I know there have been many different ideas for this, but how is this: A chest can be crafted normally or using 4 extra bars of iron/lead. This second recipe will craft the chest with a fixed, unique-to-the-world, consecutive, five digit hexadecimal code, identifying the chest, like a...
  4. The1DarkLord

    PC Missing Hairstyles

    There are 11 hairstyles I cannot buy from the stylist, despite there being no apparent way hairstyles are unlocked, and nothing suggesting there are any that are available only at certain times on the wiki. Anyway, hairstyles 124-134 are not showing up for me. I was wondering why that is...
  5. The1DarkLord

    PvP Damage Scaling

    I think that damage done to players should be different than damage done to mobs or bosses. Think of it this way. Bosses have thousands upon thousands of hitpoints. I mean they have tens and hundreds of thousands of hitpoints. Players don't even have 1,000. PvP battles mostly come down to whose...
  6. The1DarkLord

    PC Tutorial

    I think there should be a tutorial for noobs. I was thinking about something like the mobile tutorial. You know, something to explain the basics and let people get used to the controls. It would have a tiny map with some basic things. Some trees to make a house. A slime for you to kill. There...
  7. The1DarkLord

    I, for one, love 1.3

    I am playing through on expert mode with a friend, and boy is it hard! But it is freaking awesome. I cant wait to find out about unique items. My friend, who previously didnt care much for terraria, is much more excited about it now. I love the new mechanics and biomes. I would like to thank...
  8. The1DarkLord

    PC Sleeping (Out of body)

    I once previously posted a thread for sleeping, but this is entirely different. In Terraria, it is possible to wander as a ghost. However, it is only possible to do so by dying with a hardcore character. I would like to change that, and here's how: Sleeping: Benefits: When you right-click a...
  9. The1DarkLord

    PC Steam Avatars

    I think Terraria should have Steam avatars of the default Male and Female character heads, and also each helmet or vanity headgear in the game. It wouldn't take very long, and would be a good addition to the Steam integration. Either that, or you can unlock avatars by crafting/obtaining said...
  10. The1DarkLord

    Kept Under Lock and Key

    THIS THREAD ALREADY HAS A TITLE IT'S UP THERE. YOU ALREADY READ IT. I am thinking about 2 kinds of locks. Padlocks Door-locks These would be facilitated by a new NPC: The Locksmith. His sole role is to sell padlocks and door locks. Padlocks By crafting a chest-specific padlock at a...
  11. The1DarkLord

    Voice Chat

    I don't know if they are adding this with the steam integration, but i would like a voice chat option. It would be pretty standard fare (push to talk, option to mute players, etc.), except for a couple things (which are completely optional, but I am putting them in here because I think they are...
  12. The1DarkLord

    The Recipe Book

    Do you have trouble remembering recipes while you are trying to collect materials? I do. Solution: The Recipe Book This accessory will record all recipes crafted (no, not each time you craft a torch, just once.) in a list, which can be organized like the regular crafting window, or...
  13. The1DarkLord

    Using Bookcases

    Books and spellbooks are great, and it is nice that we can make bookcases, but they are incompatible. Wouldn't it be great to have an empty shelf on all bookcases that could store up to 10 books or spells? You would right-click the bookcase to bring up ten slots where the crafting window shows...
  14. The1DarkLord

    The Sun

    Right now, the sun travels from west to east. That's backwards. I'd just like it to be flipped to the correct direction. It should rise in the east and set in the west. Same with the moon. That's all.
  15. The1DarkLord

    Biome Announcements

    I think that the first time you enter a biome, you should get a big, fancy announcement on your screen. It will simply tell you the name of the biome. For instance, when you start, text should fade in and say "Forest" above the player and then fade out. When you enter the desert, "Desert"...
  16. The1DarkLord

    PC IT IS I

    Yep, the 1 Dark Lord. Thats me. Hi. No, I'm not Voldemort. He was THE Dark Lord. I'm the 1 Dark Lord. I'm not nearly as scary or... Murdery... Anyway, I have a couple threads going right now. Check them out. The Combustion The Divine Leave a comment, or vote, or both! Have a good one! Thanks...
  17. The1DarkLord

    WIP [The Dark Lord's Designs] The Divine (Hallow Alternate)

    The Divine (To see its counterpart, the Combustion, click this link.) The Hallow is about fairy tales and things people make up to make the world seem nicer being turned into something awful. The Divine is going to be about looking to higher powers for help, and finding only vengeful gods...
  18. The1DarkLord

    WIP [The Dark Lord's Designs] The Combustion (corruption alternate)

    The Combustion (To see its counterpart, the Divine, click this link.) The Corruption has chasms of crooked creatures. The Crimson has caverns of creepy crawlies. The Combustion will have crags crawling with crystalline critters. (No, this is not an above-world underworld. That's what the...
  19. The1DarkLord

    PC Placing Things. Mostly Minecart Tracks

    This is my biggest pet peeve with this game. It takes forever to lay minecart track. I think it should be faster to place. Also, you should be able to place minecart track (but only minecart track) from inside a minecart. That way, you get things like this (skip to 1:35): Second Idea, block...
  20. The1DarkLord

    PC Foreground

    The background is constantly getting more depth, but the front gets... Nothing. I think it would be doable to have 1/2 the grass, flowers, and those cosmetic rocks should be in front of the player; and approx. 1 in 20 trees and cacti be in front as well. It would only be things that dont get in...
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