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  1. Quba

    PC Tried to take building kinda seriously for the first time

    As mentioned in the title this is the first time I have ever tried to build something other then a simple box when building bases and I'm curious what other people think about the stuff I build (made on journey mode for those who care). Unfortunatly some NPC's got worse houses then others...
  2. Quba

    PC Skeletron's sudden disapperence

    While grinding for the Skeletron's Treasure Bag after I destroyed his hands he just suddanly disappered. It was in the middle of the night so it wasn't becouse of time.
  3. Quba

    PC A Surface Floating Lake

    As the title says I found a floating lake in an area that's still considered surface. The only enemies that would spawn were zombies and goldfish, not a single harpy came down. On the first picture you can see on the Depth Meter that I'm at 520' (highest point was 601') and according to the wiki...
  4. Quba

    PC Floating Coins

    This isn't anything big but for some reason a pile of coins generated on top of a Minecart Track.
  5. Quba

    Eye of Cthulhu doesn't have a animation in the beastiary

    Retinazer and Spazmatism are animated in the beastiary (the red things on their backs move) but despite looking just like them Eye of Cthulhu doesn't move at all.
  6. Quba

    ''Hair Dye''

    A Dye that would give something the same color as your hair. It could be useful if for example someone wanted their fox ears to match their hair but they can't find a dye that doesn't noticably stand out.
  7. Quba

    NPC idea - The Miner

    The Miner's main purpose would be to sell you ores that are unavailable in your world ( technically you can get them as a drop from slimes, from the extractinator and crates but it's random if you even get them and from what I know there is no way to get the hardmode ores ) and some mining...
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