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  1. ethanciavo

    TCF Suggestion Is it possible to make the links in status updates clickable?

    I don't see any forum for suggesting website improvement, so I'll just post it here. I don't know how this forum software works internally, but if possible, it would be nice if there was the ability to put clickable links on status updates. It's annoying to have to copy and paste links all the...
  2. ethanciavo

    My biggest gripe with 1.3

    Now, I'm afraid to talk about this issue on these forums for fear of insulting the community, but I have to talk about this. I was not happy with the beta testing for 1.3. Now, I was not one of the people who was selected to take part in the beta testing for 1.3, but I do know that something...
  3. ethanciavo

    PC How do I get steampunk wings?

    The changelog says that steampunk wings are now obtainable, and the wiki says that the steampunker sells them after beating golem. But I beat golem, and checked her inventory, and she doesn't sell them? Does anybody know how to actually get them?
  4. ethanciavo

    TCF needs some originality in avatars

    First cultist avatars, and now DJs? Seriously? I have no problem with a couple people having an avatar like this, but people, make your avatar something cool and exciting, or at least don't use the same thing everyone else does! There are at least six people with the same avatar on these forum...
  5. ethanciavo

    Biome Weapon Project: Dessert

    Hey guys, ethanciav-uh, I mean Baconfry here, and I have another wonderful biome weapon project suggestion! The dessert biome has always been pretty lacking, and I think it needs its own dungeon chests! Let's get to this sweet suggestion! Party Celebration Whistle Thing 100 melee tastiness...
  6. ethanciavo

    The Summoner Challenge - The Hardest Terraria Challenge Yet!

    So, I was watching Yrimir's summoner playthrough, and something came to my mind. Yrimir uses tools as a weapon, and considers items like the crimson rod "summoning" items. What if someone did a summoner playthrough without using ANY weapons besides summoner weapons? This one would need a lot of...
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