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  1. Philitopolis

    PC What could one do with Ant Lion Mandibles.....

    Introduction: On June 30th, I remember waiting for the countdown to 1.3, I had been keeping track of it, checking the time every 30 seconds. O MAN was I impressed by what ReLogic had done this time! My friend and I started a 1.3 lets-play and proceeded to go into the desert biome. A...
  2. Philitopolis

    PC New Hallowed Biome Equivalent

    As the corruption has a crimson, so does the hallow have the.....the hallowed biome doesn't have an equivalent. What do you people think about including this in the game? Should there be a solar biome, a terra biome, or other things similar. It could work just like the hallowed biome...
  3. Philitopolis

    PC Changes to Later Hardmode about PreHardmode (Primarily: Goblins)

    What do people think about changing a few things up with our old PreHardmode buddies, the goblins? These little fellows that made us cringe and fear now....are more of a pushover invasion that simply....ain't gonna cut it in hardmode. What do people think about having the goblins come...
  4. Philitopolis

    TCF Suggestion Developer Appreciation Day (Concept)

    As all loyal terrarians know, our developers have been with this game since day 1. Redigit has always been an influential individual in this process. Cenx, D-Town, Loki, and all the testers and spriters, and artists have been there for us. They have made this great game that I am sure...
  5. Philitopolis

    PC Terraria Boss Ideas (I'm lookin' at you Relogic ;))

    My friends and I have always agreed the Terraria needs a Melon (watermelon) Boss, It could be able to mount a gun that shoot seeds and the occasional cannon with a melon RPG. It would drop melonite bars to craft the relating weapons and armor. Certain crafting recipes would include, the...
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