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  1. Ordinary Orange

    PC Budget Mage: a mana playthrough-without the mana

    I've come up with a good terrible new playthrough idea: Arnold: The Budget Mage basically, a mage playthrough where I can't use mana stars. As my first special playthrough, this is looking fun and stupid.
  2. Ordinary Orange

    Mobile Customize Controlls?

    As a supporter of the new 1.3 additions, I have one thing that slightly annoys me. While the controls are good in some ways, I feel that the following controls should be customizable for user-friendliness and to ease changes. I think this would allow old and new players to both enjoy this...
  3. Ordinary Orange

    Why can't I post here?

    Hello, I have an issue. Or maybe this is intended? anyway, I cant post threads in the "forum games" section of the Forums. is this supposed to happen? As visible in the entirely oversized screenshot, it says I have insufficient privileges to post. I have made sure I am on my account, why is this?
  4. Ordinary Orange

    Mobile black bands on sceen

    So this is a bug that isn't very major, but I'm surprised that it hasn't been reported yet, as far as I know. basically, when I go to the edge of the world just above the ocean, black bands appear across the screen. these disappear and reappear when moving around, and stop appearing when you...
  5. Ordinary Orange

    Pixel Art Celestial's sprites

    Okay, I don't know how to start this really. anyway... Celestial's sprites! Hi, welcome to my spriting thread! Here, I will take requests for spriting art! Guidelines: please try not to make it too large. I do better with smaller things. Remember, I am not always taking requests. Be mindful of...
  6. Ordinary Orange

    The most Overcomplicated Board Game Ever

    This is basically a thread where people collectively create the most overcomplicated board game ever. The rules are simple; for each post, you do two things: counter the last persons post or make a rule about it take a turn: this can be anything or everything, as long as it relates to the game...
  7. Ordinary Orange

    More uses for the solidifier

    We all like the solidifier. And yes, it does have quite a lot of recipes, mostly for furniture. Actually, I’m not saying that it doesn’t have enough recipes, I’m saying that there is a lot of potential for new ones, such as plastic. So... Plastic Recipe: 10 gel, 1 honey block=10 Rubber Recipe...
  8. Ordinary Orange

    I cant access my world

    Hi, I need some help here. At one point, I tried to load my world, but it just gave me a "something went wrong, please try again" message (I forgot what it said exactally). So after a few tries, I tried load backup. All that did was crash the game and give me an error message. And now, whenever...
  9. Ordinary Orange

    Celestial Eyes (not really a suggestion, but just a cool idea)

    Hello Terrarians, I proudly present: bum bum bummmm The Celestial Eyes! So the basic idea is that there are 4 different eyes, each with special abilities related to their pillar. they are all summoned at once using the Luminite Eye: crafting: 1 mechanical eye 5 solar fragments 5 vortex...
  10. Ordinary Orange

    Mobile Has anyone had an account deleted on iOS?

    Hey, I’m just wondering if anyone else has ever stopped playing terraria for a while and when you came back your account(s) were deleted? Ive hade at least two go that way.
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