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  1. zadum4ivii

    tModLoader Antiaris

    The development of Antiaris is ended! Click here to get more info. Introduction Antiaris is a new project from part of team which made Tremor Mod. We decided to stop developing of Tremor Mod and make a completely new project. Content in Antiaris will be more interesting, balanced and unique...
  2. zadum4ivii

    Russian translation mistakes and bugs

    When 1.3.5 came out - I went and enabled the Russian translation of the game since I'm a Russian myself and it's my language. I played a bit and found many mistakes. Also I've collected some mistakes from other people. You might say that the translation is good but many Russian people who speak...
  3. zadum4ivii

    PC Zadum4ivii World of Builds

    "Hello ladies, gentlemans and slimes! Welcome to Zadum4ivii World of Builds!" One of my favourite things to do in Terraria - is to build different things. I can say that it's my hobby. I sometimes get inspired by builds by other people. Can't say if I build bad or good but still let me...
  4. zadum4ivii

    tModLoader Tremor Mod is looking for coders

    Hello guys! We are looking for somebody who could join us as a programmer for Tremor Mod (If you don't know what it is press here). A person that is needed is somebody who could create various AIs and maybe some custom weapons. It's very hard without a programmer as we can't finish the 1.3...
  5. zadum4ivii

    PC [Sprites] Shroomite, Spectre and Turtle expansion

    Introduction During my latest playthrough I understood that you can craft only armor from Shroomite, Spectre and Turtle. It's not fair! ;( Let's bring some weapons and accessories to this tier! Turtle Turtle Greatsword Doesn't have an autofire. Rarity: Damage: 96 Weapon type: Melee...
  6. zadum4ivii

    [Sprites] Candy Cane Furniture

    There are Candy Can Blocks ingame (Red and Green). But if you build a house of those, there will be a problem: Which furniture to use? Mixer This furniture can be crafted on a special Work Station. There is Red Mixer (For Red Furniture) and Green Mixer (For Green Furniture) Red Mixer (Made of...
  7. zadum4ivii

    tAPI Tremor Mod

    The tAPI version is dead! Go to new thread to see the new version for Terraria 1.3 made of tModLoader!
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