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  1. SrAstral

    Obsidian Armor Set Bonus idea

    Its been a long time since I last made a thread in here, but let's get to it! The obsidian armor set is a pre-Hardmode armor set made from obsidian, and all though it looks special due to its crafting ingredients, it isn't. It's just plain old armor with no special bonuses, so here's what I...
  2. SrAstral

    Wall of Flesh exclusive theme

    (I'm not sure whether to put this in the NPCs and Enemies subforum, or in Others subforum. So if you're a moderator/admin, please put it in the appropriate subforum if this wasn't it) The Wall of Flesh is the living behemoth of flesh and meat that resides in the depths of hell, it is the...
  3. SrAstral

    The Ultimate Battle: Starfury or Enchanted Sword?

    An epic battle between the godly swords of Terraria! One with the powers from the skies above, and one who's powers are hidden amongst the rocks. Who shall take the role as the most powerful sword of early to midgame pre-Hardmode? Overly-exaggerated intro aside, I am asking you people what you...
  4. SrAstral

    The Snow Globe

    To celebrate the upcoming holiday, here's a cool idea: Wall of Text has awoken! The Snow Globe The Snow Globe is a Hardmode item that changes the weather to snowy weather regardless if the player isn't in the snow biome (except for the areas and biomes in which it is located in a layer lower...
  5. SrAstral

    The dresser needs a nerf

    Wall of Text has awoken! You might start asking me these: "Nerf? The dresser doesn't even do anything!" "If your thread is about nerfing a certain object, shouldn't this be in player suggestions?" Okay, let me explain first... In the new 1.3 update (not really, it was like three years ago)...
  6. SrAstral

    Servant of Cthulhu Staff

    Alright, grab your popcorn and sit tight, 'cause its time for another suggestion! Today my suggestion will be a new pre-Hardmode minion Servant of Cthulhu Staff "Summons the Servant of Cthulhu to fight for you" The Servant of Cthulhu Staff is a summon weapon that will summon the Servant of...
  7. SrAstral

    What was your favorite resprite?

    Terraria 1.3 introduced a whole load of new content on the update, but it also resprited a lot of old things aswell. I made this thread to show us our favorite resprites! I'll start with the Rainbos Rod, I think it had one of the biggest resprites in the game. For those who started in 1.3 and...
  8. SrAstral

    Permanent Thread Display Change

    Whenever I visit a forum, I always change my "Thread Display Options" so that it will always show the newest/latest first, because that's the way I like it. But whenever I go to a different forum, or even refresh the same forum that I was on, the thread display always goes back to default...
  9. SrAstral

    Your first few days as a noob

    What were the first few things you did when you first played Terraria with no experience at all? Here are the things that I did when I was a noob: I used to only chop down the trunk of trees, I didn't cut down the stumps because I though the tree would grow back if I left the stump alone I used...
  10. SrAstral

    Sprites Blood Arrows

    Two suggestions in a row! I'm quite active today! Blood Arrow Blood Arrows are the Crimson varient of Unholy Arrows, they are dropped by the Eye of Cthulhu in Crimson worlds.
  11. SrAstral

    New Bullet Types

    The Silver Bullet is a good bullet that was introduced to Terraria. Its a better alternative for the Musket Balls, but I think there should be more.... I would like you to meet my fan made bullets! Tungsten, Gold, and Platinum Anyways those were it! I hoped you enjoyed reading my...
  12. SrAstral

    New spelunker lighting

    I've been a Spelunker Potion fanatic for months now, but I think its light needs a bit of a change... When a player uses a Spelunker Potion or has a "Spelunking" buff, all ores, gems, and chests glow yellow. Although its glow can help you find treasure easily, can also confuse us with treasure...
  13. SrAstral

    PC What is "Difficulty 3"?

    So I was reading a bit about Terraria 1.3 and its other versions on the wiki. I then saw the bug fixes for, where I saw this: What is difficulty 3? Is it like a new game mode? Normal mode Expert mode _______ mode Or is it like a new hazard biome? Corruption Crimson _________ Anyone...
  14. SrAstral

    Pre-1.3 Fireplace (w/Guide)

    Fireplaces were first introduced in 1.3, but that doesn't you can't "make" one in 1.2. Today I'm going show you how to make an "Artificial Fireplace" in 1.2 Note: To show you that you can really make it, I'll be using the mobile version of Terraria (which is 1.2) Alright! Now that you know...
  15. SrAstral

    Mobile Shouldn't the forums have an app for mobile users?

    I know this has nothing to do with Terraria mobile. But as a mobile user, I think the forums should have an app version. Now I'm fine with Google Chrome, but having to fill a few tabs with the forums can be a bit annoying.
  16. SrAstral

    New shortcut keys: "Teleport", and "Teleport Home"

    Terraria has a lot of shortcut keys like Quick Heal, Quick Mana, Quick Buff, Grapple, etc. But I think there could be two more.... The two shortcut keys I want to add are "Teleport" and "Teleport Home" (previously mentioned before in the title). Here's an explanation on how these shortcut keys...
  17. SrAstral

    Fix the bar sell price

    Wall of Text has awoken! Alright, time for another suggestion! And this time, its regarding about the sell price for metal bars... The sell prices for some metal bars can be a bit, strange. So the prices starting from Copper to Crimtane is fine, but it starts getting weird at Meteorite where...
  18. SrAstral

    Mobile How will informational accessories work in mobile 1.3?

    So if your a mobile player, I'm pretty sure you know that all informational accessories don't work at all (Informational accessories are items that display text and information about your your status, your world, and your current sorroundings if equipped). So how will the Cellphone item even...
  19. SrAstral

    Enraging the Moon Lord

    A few bosses in Terraria can be enraged like Plantera and Duke Fishron. And I feel like the final boss should enraged aswell, the reason I want the Moon Lord should get an enraged state is because: A few players like to fight him in the Underworld, which I think is cheating Although this boss...
  20. SrAstral

    Music name change

    Terraria's got some awesome soundtracks! But the names aren't very creative.... Don't believe me? Take a look at this: Boss 1 Boss 2 Boss 3 Boss 4 etc. Note: Those were the actual names of some tracks! Terraria soundtrack should have atleast have names, it doesn't matter how...
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