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  1. Unit One

    Official Terraria's 8th Anniversary - More answers from Redigit & Cenx!

    Greetings Terrarians! During our 8th Anniversary celebration we had a fun and quick contest - make whatever you wanted in any creative medium and showcase it with a birthday theme. The TCF community, full of talented and creative members, brought forth many wonderful entries. By member vote...
  2. Unit One

    Official Terraria's 8th Anniversary - Share your story

    • SHARE YOUR STORY • Share your memories in this thread With Terraria's 8th anniversary in mind, we wanted to hear your memories... Some things that you might share are how you came to find Terraria, what you remember as you first played the game, what platform did you start on, what was that...
  3. Unit One

    Official Terraria's 8th Anniversary - Ask Redigit and Cenx!

    • ASK REDIGIT AND CENX • Submit your questions in this thread Have you ever wondered something about Terraria... how Redigit came up with the idea, what Cenx thought about the game the first time she played it... now is your chance to ask, and if you are lucky enough your question may be...
  4. Unit One

    Official Terraria's 8th Anniversary - Contest Submissions

    • CONTEST ENTRY SUBMISSIONS • Submit your contest entries for Terraria's 8th Anniversary here Enter the contest with your birthday-themed creation using any creative medium (traditional/digital art, in-game build, poetry, story, music, sewing, live-action play, etc) As long as your entry is...
  5. Unit One

    Official Terraria's 8th Anniversary! Contest and more, come join in!

    Amazing to think that Terraria is celebrating its 8th anniversary - coming up on May 16th! Come Dig, Fight, Explore, and Build with us as the Terraria Community Forums hosts a week-long birthday bash. We've got some mini-events planned where you can showcase your creativity, ask questions to...
  6. Unit One

    PS4 Terraria on PS4 is on sale - only $5.99 (until Sep 25 11am)

    If you’ve been thinking of getting Terraria on PS4 it is ON SALE FOR $5.99 right now, until Sep 25 at 11am. (Thanks to @hemijet for the heads up.) Click the pic to take you to the PlayStation Store for more details.
  7. Unit One

    PS4 Terraria on PS4 is 70% off

    Get it for your friends, get it for your enemies, get it for yourself. https://store.playstation.com/en-us/product/UP4040-CUSA00740_00-TERRARIA00000001 The details say this is how long it'll be on sale: "This price is only available from 12/12/2017 11:00 am to 1/2/2018 11:00 am." (this is...
  8. Unit One

    Official The TCF Relation of Three Contest Winners Announcement

    THE TCF RELATION OF THREE CONTEST RESULTS! After reviewing all of the fantastic entries that were submitted, it is with cubed delight (delight³) that we get to announce the Winners and Runner-Ups of The TCF Relation of Three Contest! The ideas, thoughts, and concepts that went into all of the...
  9. Unit One

    PS4 Terraria for PS4 ON SALE for only $4

    If you're looking to move from PS3 to PS4 in order to get all the goodness of the 1.3 update that is coming to the PS4 version, now is the time. Or if you already have it, and your friend has been waiting for a deal, call him up because the PS4 version is on sale for only $4. Get it in your hot...
  10. Unit One

    PS4 Terraria for PS4 75% off until Nov 29

    Terraria for the PS4 is on sale right now for $4.99 A good time to get Terraria if you're planning on moving over to the PS4. The page shows that the price is available from Nov 22 11:00 am to Nov 29 11:00 am. Not sure what time zone, and not sure if it's only for the US, but if you're...
  11. Unit One

    Official NO MORE UPDATES FOR Xbox 360 | PS3 | PS Vita | Wii U | 3DS

    Xbox 360 • PS3 • PS Vita • Wii U • 3DS will no longer receive updates Here is the official word from 505 Games or Re-Logic and where you can read more info about it: Regarding Xbox 360, PS3, PS Vita: The Path Ahead: Major News Updates for Console & Mobile Regarding Wii U: Wii U Update and...
  12. Unit One

    Mobile Terraria on iOS on sale right now

    If you needed a reason to get your friends to get Terraria on their iPhones or iPads, beyond the fact that the mobile version is getting Fixes Soon and a Content Update Soon, the iOS version is on sale now for just $1.99. You can't even get a cup of coffee for $2. Here you're getting ale...
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