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  1. TheLoneGamer

    tModLoader Esper Class

    Wiki link here, still being updated for the 0.6.1 release Discord There is a zip file at the bottom of this post containing the latest version of this mod to download, especially useful when the Mod Browser is down. This open source mod adds a new class, the Esper, who uses telekinetic damage...
  2. TheLoneGamer

    Why is throwing already treated as being gone?

    So around early April last month, Re-Logic said throwing would be no more in the next official update. However, it seems some mods, at least Terraria and Calamity, are already treating throwing as gone right now. Thorium is now treating throwing as a third new custom class. At least the throwing...
  3. TheLoneGamer

    Would people be okay with a mod changing yoyos from melee to custom damage?

    So I've been working on a content mod that has yet to be revealed with some other people. One of the major things it would do is change all yoyos (including yoyos added by other mods) to deal a custom damage type instead of melee. I know class based playthroughs are popular and sometimes people...
  4. TheLoneGamer

    Modding trends I've noticed

    With the amount of time I’ve played modded Terraria, from tConfig, to tAPI, and now tModLoader, there’s quite some trends I’ve noticed. Here are my observances. Feel free to share yours too, this is a discussion after all. Due to the nature of modding, that technically anyone can do it, there...
  5. TheLoneGamer

    Mods that add custom classes

    I tend to do a lot of modded class playhroughs and I especially look forward to playing as a non-standard class. There are a few mods I know that add custom classes, but I wonder if there are any more. By custom class, I don't just mean a custom damage type. For example, Thorium has True damage...
  6. TheLoneGamer

    Ideas for new custom classes

    I separated this from a thread I posted on mods that add custom classes due to length and to better focus the discussions. I was thinking of possibly a new class, an aura class, that deals aura damage. The idea behind this class would be an aura that surrounds the player that deals damage to...
  7. TheLoneGamer

    tModLoader TheLoneGamer's misc mods

    Looking for a spriter for mod icons and Omni-Hammer. These are smaller open source mods I created that I feel are not big enough to have an entire thread dedicated to each of them separately. These are all on the Mod Browser with alternate download links here if that ever has trouble. Discord...
  8. TheLoneGamer

    tModLoader Expanded Sentries

    >Wiki Link (heavily WIP)< >Discord Link< Thanks for 34k+ downloads on this mod! This open source mod adds a new-ish class, the Defender, who uses Sentry damage weapons. These are traps and turrets that unlike minions, don’t follow the player. This is a playstyle that allows for the player to...
  9. TheLoneGamer

    Hello Terraria community

    I’ve been playing Terraria since mid-2013. I fell in love with the game due to the sheer number of things you could do in it. Once I discovered modding, I couldn’t stop playing. I even made my own personal mods that I never released, although nothing big. I was blown away by the 1.2. update that...
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