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  1. Willmuske32000

    Mobile Death Star

    Hello everyone,I have made a death star in my Terraria world today And I just wanted to share it with you.
  2. Willmuske32000

    Mobile Death Star In The Making?

    Hello everyone, I've been making the Death Star from Star Wars as a little touch of some of my favorite movies to remember. I haven't finished it yet and I was wondering what you guys think I should do with it, What I'm planning is to make a metal outside then kinda make some stuff out of wood...
  3. Willmuske32000

    PC 1.3 Dryaid Features

    You know how the Dryaid is all about Nature, Well what if she had differen't styles depending on which biome or time she's in? here are some examples. Hope you like it?
  4. Willmuske32000

    Mobile Christmas Town!

    Hello Everyone! I made a Winter Town were the folks have gone into the Christmas spirit and decorated their small town. Here are some pictures of it day and night.
  5. Willmuske32000

    Member-Run Contest Building Contest!

    Hello! I'm holding a building contest and I would love for you to join. Anyone can join if they want! There is no theme so you can build whatever you want! Entry's can be from PC, Console, and Mobile and you can have as many Entries as you want! You can Make videos,pictures, etc of whatever you...
  6. Willmuske32000

    Mobile How To Make Nights Edge

    Hello, Today I show you how to make the best Pre-Hardmode sword in the game. :cool: Subscribe if you like it at The Happy Creeper.
  7. Willmuske32000

    Mobile Gernade Killing Machine

    I spilt The Eye Of Cuthulu's Tears with Gernades :red: I Destroyed The Destroyer with Gernades :red2: Subscribe for more At The Happy Creeper
  8. Willmuske32000

    Mobile There should be a new event

    There should be a new event in Mobile called Blizzard. Blizzard happens every 20 Terraria days. it'll say ( A blizzard is forming ) What Happens: Snow flakes will fall from the sky and pile up on each other to make snow blocks. That means after Blizzard has passed you may need to clean up...
  9. Willmuske32000

    Mobile How To Get The Rainbow Rod And How To Get Easy Money

    This 1st video is how to get a Rainbow Rod in mobile. Next shows how to get money easily. Subscribe if you like the videos to my channel The Happy Creeper
  10. Willmuske32000

    Youtubers and ppl come to chat and show off your style

    So what do you want to talk about?
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