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  1. nealpd

    tModLoader Neal & Boffin's Mods

    Neal & Boffin's Mods (Logo/Banner coming soon.... Maybe.) Preamble These are mods created for tModloader by Me and Boffin for the sole purpose of improving upon certain aspects in the game, and to introduce, well... Cool stuff. Mods Jordan's Mods Repackaged (jExo)...
  2. nealpd

    PC (Sprites) Columns!

    Yes, columns. When I created my Marble Columns thread, I only intended to have the marble columns as a way of adding supports to certain buildings in which that niche was not filled, but here we are. They all act as blocks, however can be passed through similar to wooden beams. The tops act as...
  3. nealpd

    PC (Sprites) Marble Columns

    During a recent build, I was quite disappointed to find that there were no marble columns, and the only way I could get columns is if I had a world with Palladium, and even then the columns didn’t work with the build. Marble Column (Placed 1x3) (Placed 2x3) They act as blocks, however can...
  4. nealpd

    Comets- Meteor Alt (Sprites)

    Preface While making my meteor expansion thread, it got me thinking about the possibility of comets in terraria, as a somewhat hardmode version. It got me thinking more; about the link between the meteor and the crimson/corruption. And everyone seems to be suggesting alts for the hallow...
  5. nealpd

    (Sprites) Reforge Overhaul

    The goblins tinkerer’s reforge feature is an incredibly necessary money sink. Spending 19 Platinum only to end up with a “Hurtful” Last Prism, I knew something was wrong. The most punishing part about the reforge feature is that there’s no way of helping your chances, it’s purely RNGesus...
  6. nealpd

    (Sprites) Meteor Expansion

    Preface Fallen meteors are sorely lacking in content compared to the rest of the game. It’s gone from necessary progression to a small annoyance that is at times flat out ignored. Even when meteor is sought after, it's a dull, forgettable experience. [/SPOILER] [/SPOILER] Well, there...
  7. nealpd

    (Sprites) Martian Traps

    Martian Traps I've found that the lihzahrd traps become quite ineffectual near the end of the game, and the variety of said traps gets bland after a while. Also, the martian madness event had quite bland drops, with only one enemy dropping the useful items. I've even had martian events in which...
  8. nealpd

    Pixel Art Freshly Baked Sprites

    Hi there, I'm Nealpd, and welcome to my sprite bakery. I sprite for suggestions and other things, but mostly for my own amusement. I also have a few suggestions with quite a few more sprites you should check out. [/SPOILER] Feel free request something, I'll most likely do it, if...
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