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  1. UltiDaniel

    IC Neo Transpirence

    (This took far longer than I expected.) *Wakes up* "Uh....." "!" *Stands up* *Looks around* "Wait...Where....Where am I?"
  2. UltiDaniel

    OOC Neo Transpirence OOC

    Well I guess this exists now. Does anyone have any questions before I make the RP? (Also, I'm not sure what the Format is for OOC's of RP's that the OOC exists first for, for the RP in the first place.) Character sign up sheet: Name: (The character's name....Okay, that's pretty self...
  3. UltiDaniel

    Drawings & Paintings The Events that had Transpired within my Terraria Story

    Hello! you may know me as that one guy who uploads too many threads within a week. And you may be right! But what you may not know is that, for some amount of time, I have been making a personal Terraria Comic that I make/read to keep myself entertained. And Today, I felt like sharing a basic...
  4. UltiDaniel

    Drawings & Paintings UltiDaniel's Drawings of Terraria Bosses

    Hello! It me, UltiDaniel! And I decided to make a Thread where I decided to show drawings of Terraria Bosses! And because I love to go in proper order... I'll start with The Eater of Worlds! Next, The Eye of Cthulhu! And then, King Slime!
  5. UltiDaniel

    Drawings & Paintings My Depiction of The Mechanical Bosses

    Hello, incase you didn't see my previous post, I am a person that wanted to upload a drawing I made but couldn't due to uploading issues. But thanks to the responses that I gained, I found out how to upload the drawing \/
  6. UltiDaniel

    Drawings & Paintings Okay then......... I might have a problem

    Alright, so to put it short, I spent some amount of time to make a drawing and after doing so, I decided to upload it onto the forums. Problem is.... The forums won't allow me to upload it and I do not know why. And every time I try to do it, it tells me that I do not have the permission to view...
  7. UltiDaniel

    Story The Day Terraria was Destroyed

    The world of Terraria has been destroyed. The mountains, the rivers, the floating islands, the very edge of the world has been consumed by a destructive organism similar to the Corruption and Crimson before it, but rather than a purple or red color, it instead has a silver, grey-like coloring...
  8. UltiDaniel

    An idea I had one day...

    Hello, I'm sure you don't know who I am so I'm just gonna say that I am someone who likes terraria. and because I like terraria, I managed to come up with an idea one day. And the reason why I made this thread is to see what other people think of my idea for a mod. Now, the idea is that: After...
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