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  1. -=+Seth+=-

    PC There is a new clothing style in 1.3.1!

    As i said there is a new clothing style in 1.3.1!. Me and my friend were playing and we wanted to make a new world, So we did. But when we were making our characters we found the new style! we thought it looked so cool! Here it is: (and instructions to access it)
  2. -=+Seth+=-

    WIP (Sprites) Zirconium+ Remake

    (UPDATE! 0.2) Hello everybody!, This is the remake of my old mod Zirconium+, I'm hoping that this will end up an actual mod like my old one. ( i only got the old one to alpha :p ) So here i will be posting the new version of this mod like some of the new sprites and ideas. But Some of the stuff...
  3. -=+Seth+=-

    -=+Wan't to ask me something? post it here!+=-

    -=+Seth's QnA+=- Hello everybody! this is my QnA/question thing! If you wanna ask me something post it down below!. RULES! Do not ask me anything to personal Nothing sexual Nothing weird Nothing Rude Please follow those ^^^ ASK AWAY!
  4. -=+Seth+=-

    Pixel Art My "Good" Sprites

    By @iDuck I hope you enjoy my sprites! i will be updating this thread whenever i have a new sprite to post. Now! i May OR May not do your requests if i feel they are to hard. And a big thanks to Paint.net for the transparency and MS Paint(i use ms paint to sprite, then i use paint.net for...
  5. -=+Seth+=-

    Member-Run Contest Terraria Role play!!!!!

    Hello fellow TCF Users! boys and girls! Females and males! this is TERRARIA ROLE PLAY!!!!!! This is how it works. If you wanna join post your character sheet in the commnets( style, personality, appearance, bacstory, etc) You can post a sprite or drawing of your character and then we will add...
  6. -=+Seth+=-

    PC Summoning Masks!?

    As the title says, There should be summoning masks!/headgear!.I mean COME ON MAN! there's Mage,Warrior, And Ranged!, We should have summoner head stuff!
  7. -=+Seth+=-

    Member-Run Contest Re-Sprite Competition

    Hello TCF Users! Are you ready to test you spriting skills?( @Brutallama @ThatOneRobloxHater @Dark Gaia @Yaster Goodman @Pumpking @Sir Cutswood @Jestex @Corenality @The Miniature Shark @Señor Ricardo I hope you are! And NO! Re-colors! This is going to be a Re-sprite Competition! You...
  8. -=+Seth+=-

    Pixel Art !Terraria_Lovers Lovable Pixels!+Requests are open!

    Hello fellow TCF Users!, i'm @Terraria_Lover595901. This is a thread full of all my sprites!, I'm taking requests as the title says!. If you would like to see my sprites go down bellow!. Ok here are the sprites [/SPOILER] Thanks for checking out my thread!. if you would like to support me...
  9. -=+Seth+=-

    tAPI I Need Modders!.

    Hello everybody. I am trying to make a mod but. I don't know how to mod AT ALL!. I Can sprite and everything i just need help moding.I have tried to mod before...it sucked. Now! this mod will use tAPI. If you wanna help comment down below. Thank you for your time and BYE!!!!
  10. -=+Seth+=-

    tAPI Does anyone know how to add biomes in tAPI i'm need help with modding

    As the title says Does anyone know how to add biomes in tAPI i'm need help with modding
  11. -=+Seth+=-

    Pixel Art !My Sprite Collection! + Taking Requests!

    Hello TCF spriters/users! this is......My Sprite Collection!. Now i have made lots of sprites (I am taking Requests as the title says) and i plan to make more! now most of these sprites are from my Suggestion/Mod Check it out and i am going to show you some that i have!. Now i use Ms Paint to...
  12. -=+Seth+=-


    ---------------------------------------------------HELLO! EVERYBODY-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------WELCOME TO ZIRCONIUM+!------------------------------------------------------This is a mod now! Me @Axios and...
  13. -=+Seth+=-

    PC Boss Npc's!

    Hello There Everybody! As the title says, New npc's should spawn when you kill a Boss!, When you kill the Queen Bee the Witch Doctor moves in, So it should be like that for every Boss. Here Are some Sprites...
  14. -=+Seth+=-

    PC Bunny Mod?

    FIRST THINGS FIRST!, ALL CREDIT FOR ARMOR BUNNY SPRITES GOES TO SpOnGeY101, FROM TERRARIA ONLINE, http://www.terrariaonline.com/threads/terraria-bunny-sprites.66481/ <-- Here is the Terraria online thread, Now that we got that straight...Lets talk!. Bunny Mod!, Everyone (players, npcs) Are...
  15. -=+Seth+=-

    PC Better Snow Biome,And Under Ground Ice,(WIP)

    Ok so i haven't Posted in a while But.... This Should be a good Thread/Idea,After Seeing the Better Desert Thread, i Thought why not a better snow?,So I made some sprites, And Thought of some ideas,So.....Lets Go...
  16. -=+Seth+=-

    What's your most OH MY GOSH I JUST GOT THAT Moment?, I got a Hallowed Key Mold!

    I got a hallowed key mold! What's your most OH MY GOSH I JUST GOT THAT Moment?
  17. -=+Seth+=-

    WIP Pigs,Sheep,Cows,Chickens,Lambs,

    No thread
  18. -=+Seth+=-

    WIP We need more STARTER Magic weapons!

    Ok ok, so my last MWT,(MagicWeaponsThread),Wasn't that creative,I hope this one is a bit more creative,The idea isn't 100% mine i got some ideas from other users, Giving me some ideas on my last thread,So here it is, Sprites: Iron Wand, Stats: Attack: 15 Crit:7% Speed:Slow Speed Vel: 10 Mana...
  19. -=+Seth+=-

    PC We Need More Magic Weapons People!

    Ok ok, So this is the second MWT,(MagicWeaponsThread),And this is a new Magic type Weapon, It's a Magic Shuriken, Much much much...Like the Magic Dagger,It comes back after a throw,Uses Mana,And can be found in GoldenChests, in the Cavern. Here are some of the Sprites: MS:,MS Action:, Stats...
  20. -=+Seth+=-

    PC More Starter Magic Weapons PEOPLE!

    We need more Starter Magic Weapons People!, Like ones you can find in a Golden Chest, Or even a Surface Chest!,So here are some that i sprited! 1, Fire Ball!, Pretty easy to get,Would be a "Rare Spawn" in Surface Chests, Is what it says it is, A Fire Ball!, Stats, Attack--6--, Crit...
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