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  1. drain.

    TCF Suggestion Zooming into pictures?

    It's been a while since I've last been here since I've migrated to other forums such as PixelJoint and Pixelation, both of which are super great art forums that have the best communities ever. They also had a very nice feature incorporated into it where you can zoom into pictures by clicking...
  2. drain.

    drain the pixel dude

    I'm basically irrelevant in the forums these days, but I'm still gon' make one of these and you can't stop me.
  3. drain.

    Other Art drain.'s 3D art.

    This is just a place where I can share my 3d stuffs. I rarely finish projects on time so don't expect to see final products on a regular basis.
  4. drain.

    Music Chiptunes

    So I've recently been learning chiptunes, and I must say, it's really fun. What caught my eye was generally the 8-bit nostalgia that goes through my mind everytime I hear the genre. Anyways, what are your opinions on chiptunes?
  5. drain.

    Casual Fabulous Desktops.

    Share your desktops here. I tend to renovate my desktop very often as I like to see things tidy. Here's mine. You could also share some resources for making good desktops. I am eager to see such vibrant and fabulous screens.
  6. drain.

    PC Cthulhu

    Cthulhu HP: 20 (will decrease in health, but never die.) Damage: 5 Defense: 5 AI Type: Jellyfish ----- It spawns in a slightly lower rate at which Jellyfish spawn, in the same places, too. He just swims like a normal jellyfish, without a care in the world. It's also neutral, so it doesn't attack...
  7. drain.

    New Wires

    The colors of wires we have are very limited. Is it infuriating that I can't set any of the switches on my teleporter to connect to one place only. So, I propose to do away with the wrenches (and leave one in) and put in this guy. Gray Wire Bought from Mechanic for 6 . Now, what you can do...
  8. drain.

    Spectre Wrenches and Wire Cutters

    Because wiring is a pain in the :red:, I thought up some new tools that might help in making wiring less problematic. Spectre Wrenches Used to place wires, +8 range Crafting: 8 Ectoplasm + any color wrench Spectre Wire Cutters Use to remove wires, +8 range Crafting: 8 Ectoplasm + Wire Cutters...
  9. drain.

    Armor Vanity Effects! [Ported over from TO]

    IDEA It was disappointing to not have the ability to use certain armor effects with your vanity. So why not add a accessories that give you armor effects? ACQUISITION I'm just going to quote SzGamer227 on this one. Too add onto SzGamer's statement above, the Stylist would get an 'Infuse...
  10. drain.

    Hero Blade [Ported over from TO]

    HERO BLADE Tooltip "A legendary blade once belonging to the legendary Andrew Spinks" Damage 81 Use time 13.5 Knockback 6.5 Rarity Yellow Continuous attack Yes Recipe: 1+10+10+10+15+15+5+5+5+1 Description Why an Ankh Charm? Aside from their color-schemes being alike. The Hero Blade inflicts...
  11. drain.

    Super Slime Bros. [Ported over from TO]

    I was thinking of a HM equivalent for the King Slime, a mechanical mass of slime would be ridiculous, so I present... I edited this awww by myself. SUMMONING To summon the Bros., you must need a Green Pipe. GREEN PIPE Tooltip "The guide is in another world!" Description The summoner for the...
  12. drain.

    Allowance to Edit Threads freely.

    This is just a minor that I think should be on the forum. It's an option that allows any forum member to edit any thread present in the forum, allowing fixing of typos, adding details, even making something like a continuous story added on by forum members. "But Cutswood! Vandalism would...
  13. drain.

    What I do now?

    So, yeah, I'm probably not the type of guy to be posting these kinds of stuffs, but I need some sort of advice, here. So, I've had a huge crush on this girl, my classmate (to which we will call EJM.), for at least 15 months. It started out as a small adoration on how beautiful and kind she was...
  14. drain.

    Forum Censorship.

    I've seen alot of hilarious forum censorship. Post examples. Like, big black cock.
  15. drain.

    Pixel Art drain's pixel art

    Note: to those requesting, no guarantees on completion, since I don't sprite anything I fancy. As I use this thread as showcase and as an idea box. ----- Hello! Somehow you've made myself to my art thread, people on TO know, nonetheless, that I am indeed a spriter. Some of my previous works...
  16. drain.

    Hello all!

    Hello! I am Sir Cutswood! People on TO probably already know who I am, if you do not, then I'm just a normal member, all the like, I do sprites, too. These new forums look cool, tho. I like it.
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