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  1. byAbeeL

    Toxic Sludge army

    Let's make the biggest toxic Sludge army I start :D...
  2. byAbeeL

    PC Option to play Multiplayer via Steam

    Now, Talking about this, we really need a feature like this, Reasons: 1.- More safe than other ways 2.- More easy to play 3.- Less lag 4.- You can play with your Steam friends I hope the developers are working on a feature like this for 1.3, but for now we need answers, so i want to tag @Cenx...
  3. byAbeeL

    byAbeeL's First's sprites :3

    Hello everyone, my history starts when i saw these good swords and equipment that the people do, so i was interested with spriting, when i started to learn i though that i would be difficult and it is a little bit, so i need to improve Let me know what do i need to improve with my first sprite...
  4. byAbeeL

    Pixel Art Guide for spriting with Paint.net

    I need someone to make a guide that teach people how to sprite with that program, But the only thing is that i'm spanish abut i understand a lot of english, but i'm a little bit better with a spanish guide, But if you can make a guide in english go for it, Please i wanted to start spriting for...
  5. byAbeeL

    Accesories on Mannequins

    I always wanted something like that, seeing your wings or your accesories on the mannequins to know how they look on your character Also this would be with dyes on a mannequin suggestion too I know it has a little bit of lack of content but is a little suggestion.
  6. byAbeeL

    PC Some vanity ideas.

    I would like to say my vanity ideas that i been looking. Please if someone can make a sprite of these can be the best :) 1.- Basketball player vanity set (blue, yellow, red, etc, depends on the dye) 2.- Football player vanity set(sames as basketball with the dyes) 3.- Animals vanity...
  7. byAbeeL

    Invisibility Cloak

    Well, all of you have been seen the Invisibility potion , When you use it it gives you the Invisibility Buff that can be useful V/S enemies, but the Potion isn't Effective, When you use it you can Still be targeted by enemies, it's only a bit useful in PvP, but you can still be seen by your...
  8. byAbeeL

    PS3 Games and Geometry Dash

    Who plays Geometry Dash, i passed all the levels including clubstep and i am waiting for 1.9 And wh plays PS3 games like Call of duty Black ops, Black ops 2, Modern warfare 2, Modern warfare 3 and Ghosts? ( i will buy Advanced warfare) Also i am waiting for Terraria 1.3 :33
  9. byAbeeL

    PC 4 Suggestions i would like

    Add a military vanity set with military helmet, ballistic vest and military shoes PD: the angler vest and pants looks good, but you dont have a good helmet Add a Option to rename Characters and worlds Add Summoner emblem to the WoF drops and make the bosses drop new and better items Please...
  10. byAbeeL

    PC Camera

    I would like to see a Camera in the game that let you take pictures and you can convert the pictures in paintings and put in in your house Sprite: Here
  11. byAbeeL

    PC Terraria ExoSkeleton

    A ExoSkeleton for the player, to make the movement more easier, you get more fast, you can punch, you can glide for 5 seconds and it works in the social slot Useful in the moon for the 1.3 Sprite: Here Gives 20 defense total Thats my suggestion :)
  12. byAbeeL

    PC End Game armor

    Well thats my idea, an End Game armor called Terra Armor Crafting: Spectre Armor, <Best melee armor>, Shroomite armor, <Best summoner armor>, Soul of might, sight and fright, Broken Hero armor(Drop in Solar eclipse) 90 Total defense 15% More melee, ranger,mage and summoner damage 17% melee speed...
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