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  1. Anth7150

    PC Looking To Play

    Fresh Start/New Characters Softcore Normal Difficulty Corruption Large Sized World GMT Timezone Status: Found A Player Comment if you wanna play
  2. Anth7150

    Another secret feature?

    Recently, I've been playing the new 1.2.4 update and I found this: It seems to be some kind of "wheres Wally/Waldo" shrine...it must be a new hidden feature. Heres a second shrine, but with the contents of the chest :) Contents: I've seen other users post them on this thread, and it seems...
  3. Anth7150

    Mobile Currently unimplemented or unlucky?

    I've been waiting for a couple of in game days for 1 of the 3 mechanical bosses to spawn but none of them have spawned yet...im already in hardmode and I've already destroyed 3 demon alters. Is it unimplemented, plain unlucky or not meeting the criteria?
  4. Anth7150

    Mobile How terrible I am at building...

    Ive always been a terrible builder with no creativity... So here's how terrible my watch/defence tower is.
  5. Anth7150

    (Mobile) Bullseye!

    Wow the gods must've been playing meteorite darts, if so then one of the gods got a bullseye!
  6. Anth7150

    (Mobile) a glitched floating island...

    Er...what happened to the clouds? Did the wyverns destroy it by going through it to much? Either way, the harpies wouldn't be happy.
  7. Anth7150

    (Mobile) creepy but hilarious glitch

    I was just summoning turkor the ungrateful until this happened. He's staring at us...but his body is just purpleness (with an ice biome chest right where the purpleness is). Feel free to seriously lol.
  8. Anth7150

    Discussion of fun things to do.

    I've made this thread for all of us to discuss things to do when we have ran out of things to do, like I've almost defeated the pumpkin moon at wave 15, and when that's done, I will have nothing left to do (at least until 1.2.4, and btw, I'm on mobile). So any ideas for fun things to entertain...
  9. Anth7150

    Accidental thread please do not click onto this thread

    Reason there's 2 of the same threads: the internet was going slow and I accidentally pressed the undo button, without knowing if it unsaved it or not, so I ended up accidentally making this thread.
  10. Anth7150

    Mobile Servent of Plantera

    I've been thinking...you could easily farm plantera, after golem is defeated, for items that you can sell. So you should add a new king of enemy, it should be called "servant of plantera". Servant of plantera should be planteras minions (that only appear after golem is defeated) so it can easily...
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