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  1. perfectodst219

    PC More Minecarts

    Minecarts Isn't the same minecart a little dull sometimes? Doesn't it depress player independancy and player vanity? Isn't a major part in travel for larger worlds? If the answer for these questions is yes then let me introduce you to the idea of More Minecarts More minecarts would introduce a...
  2. perfectodst219

    Casual 20/3/15 Solar eclipse

    Hey my name is Odst or Perfectodst depending on which way I chose to put it on TCF. I'm interested to know if anyone actually SAW the solar eclipse happen, sadly in Britain there were too many clouds so we couldnt see it nor were we affected by it. I heard Norway got a full solar eclipse whereas...
  3. perfectodst219

    terraria 1.3 has the number 3...

    terraria 1.3 has the number 3. There is one game that has the number 3 that hasn't been release. Half Life 3. GabeN promised us half life 3. for 3 years we pestered him about half life 3 then he announced he has 333 million players that have steam and have 3 games at least. at least 3.33% of...
  4. perfectodst219

    PC How to make an effective arena that doesn't use traps for hardmode bosses

    The first question is equipment, without good equipment you will fail or have difficulty fighting the hardmode bosses. For a mage set up I suggest hallowed mage armor or if you dont have access to hallowed bars adamantite mage armor.I will suggest getting the crystal storm For a ranger set up I...
  5. perfectodst219

    Casual Giving away a copy of Terraria,Castle crashers and Hammerwatch

    I have some spare games codes and games in my steam inventory them being: Castle Crashers, Hammer watch and a code for Terraria. I already have these games...(And most of my friends do too) so I'm gonna do a Giveaway for these games. There isn't any requirement to enter the giveaway other than...
  6. perfectodst219

    PC CS:GO Steam:Buying Desert Eagle Cobalt Disruption

    Hello I am wishing to buy a Desert Eagle Cobalt Disruption, For this weapon I can trade the following: Ak47 Blue Laminate Stickers:Bomb Code,Rekt(Holo),Aces High(Holo) and Bomb Doge. 3 Operation Breakout weapon Cases 3 Operation Vanguard Weapon Cases 1 Operation Phoenix Weapon Case 1 Huntsman...
  7. perfectodst219

    PC My Introduction :)

    Hello everyone I'm perfectodst219 or simply cut short the name odst. This is one of the first few forums I have signed up for seeing that terraria is a awesome game that I have put 200+ hours into. I just wanted to say hey to everyone on the TCF and since there is some other things I can out...
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