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  1. KinfThaDerp

    Lego Worlds? A new game?

    Well I recently saw a game called Lego Worlds and at first most people would say "Minecraft clone?" "A sandbox game like minecraft?" and there we go with the spam, but that's not what am I trying to tell u in this post Lego worlds currently does not have an infinite world, but what can we...
  2. KinfThaDerp

    tAPI Out Tha Hell

    Welcome Today I am presenting you Out Tha Hell currently there is nothing to do with Hell , Heaven but yeah.. first versions :p [/SPOILER] Download Latest Version P.S. Not going to upload old versions till game update SORRY :< http://www.mediafire.com/download/bqyggyqm3pmn8yk/Out...
  3. KinfThaDerp

    tAPI Out Tha Hell

    Hi today I wanted to present you a new mod Out Tha Hell currently in the version 0.0.0 It has nothing to do with hell and heaven, but It will have to do with it later :) No screenshots and download yet but I will add it soon don't worry :happy: To do -A bunch of items no spoilers but Items...
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