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  1. Nutella Fairy

    PC Psycho knife change

    This is what happens when I necro a thread.
  2. Nutella Fairy

    PC Psycho knife change

    It's been a while since i've payed attention to this forum. has bumping threads by responding with your apinion been outlawed? And I could never really see any other use for the knife
  3. Nutella Fairy

    Aley has reapeared!

    HUGGGLIBAULUHHIGGLAH-what? I've actually had PC since 1.3 came out!
  4. Nutella Fairy

    PC Psycho knife change

    Its meant for pvp, I think... I honestly don't know.
  5. Nutella Fairy

    Why are people posting pictures of Hitler on my profile?

    Why are people posting pictures of Hitler on my profile?
  6. Nutella Fairy

    So hello again

    So, due to my new-found obsession for TF2, I took another long hiatus from Terraria. Then I got bored of TF2 and I found myself here obsessing over Terraria once again. True Steam users never rest.
  7. Nutella Fairy

    Story Fluffy Bunnikin's Snuggle Diary~

    I don't get what's going on...
  8. Nutella Fairy

    Sprites The Underground Sea

    I'm not totally sure about this, but I think mercury is exclusively liquid. Wearing it is also not the best idea. Then again, lead armor is a thing..
  9. Nutella Fairy

    PC How did we survive back when...

    I thought there were only two...
  10. Nutella Fairy

    PC How did we survive back when...

    Ive never seen that texture in my life.
  11. Nutella Fairy

    Unique Profanity Filter

    Ever played Town of Salem? If so, you are aware of the game's well... Unique chat filter, which replaces offensive language with common 18th century equivilents. Both funny and functional. This could be pretty cool for the Terraria Forums. Even though it is just a community, rather than a mafia...
  12. Nutella Fairy

    Story Fluffy Bunnikin's Snuggle Diary~

    Nazar farming. I hate it.
  13. Nutella Fairy

    If you had to marry a Terraria Boss, who would it be?

    I look back at this thread and I wish it was never created. Was I really that into Terraria?!
  14. Nutella Fairy

    Expert Mode EOC Set-Up?

    Ive heard some bad things about the destroyer head. be careful!
  15. Nutella Fairy

    DON'T BLINK- The Eye of Cthulhu's amazing adventures..

    Om Nom After the EOC feasted upon the Chrimera he chatted with, becuase he could, the large eye stumbled upon a mouth! EOC: Wow, a giant red mouth shaped cavern! I should fly into it. Blood Crawler: Good morning! EOC: AH, A CREEEPY CRAAAWLEY SPYDAH! Blood Crawler: Let me guess, you are a...
  16. Nutella Fairy

    Boss: Dissapeared Younger Brother

    Responses in italics. Don't feel bad, by the way, we all have our "below average" first suggestions, right? EDIT: It seems that my entire quote was in italics. Silly me!
  17. Nutella Fairy


    Yeah. That's true.
  18. Nutella Fairy


    The world must know.
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