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  1. Dr.Default

    Xbox One Game crash when 2nd player opens inventory after joining game.

    I really dont know why it happens, but it happens. When player 2 joins the game after i exited to the main menu, the game crashes when player 2 opens their inventory.
  2. Dr.Default

    Wavebank My very own wavebank!

    so this is my very own wavebank created with this https://forums.terraria.org/index.php?threads/quick-wave-bank-an-easy-no-hassle-wave-bank-creator.61813/ this wave bank contains music from:sonic mania,rpg maker,dbxv,dark souls 2,animal crossing and trove! and heres my wavebank...
  3. Dr.Default

    Cross-Platform what are the things in games that scared you?

    mine are sinistar and unnecessary jumpscares...."i hunger" "run coward" hughhhhhhhhhhhh!!!
  4. Dr.Default

    best game you have played!

    Whats the best game you played? mine are timesplitters 2,little big planet 2 ,minecraft and terraria!
  5. Dr.Default

    Console We need pre generated villages!

    Who's with me!?:D
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