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  1. Nutella Fairy

    So hello again

    So, due to my new-found obsession for TF2, I took another long hiatus from Terraria. Then I got bored of TF2 and I found myself here obsessing over Terraria once again. True Steam users never rest.
  2. Nutella Fairy

    Unique Profanity Filter

    Ever played Town of Salem? If so, you are aware of the game's well... Unique chat filter, which replaces offensive language with common 18th century equivilents. Both funny and functional. This could be pretty cool for the Terraria Forums. Even though it is just a community, rather than a mafia...
  3. Nutella Fairy


    It has happened... The LEGEND OF MAXX IS ENDING... ENDING I TELL YOU! http://legendofmaxx.com/archives/1621#comments As someone who was formerly known as Aley the Ale Fairy, you can tell i'd be the one to post this. Anyone who wants to mourn with me, please do so!
  4. Nutella Fairy

    Mutant Armor

    I'll be honest, being a summoner was fairly easy for me, a little problem with the whole "Mech progression gap" but endgame was a piece of cake! UNTIL I GOT TO MOON LORD. Moon Lord is a pain in the butt for everyone, but my tiki armor (54 defense with some accessories that I had) It was just too...
  5. Nutella Fairy

    Aley has reapeared!

    I kinda gave up on the forums because discussing a game seemed alot more fun than playing on console. I kinda... left after getting pc. Now I decided to come back and take back my unoffical role as bartender.
  6. Nutella Fairy


    A new ranged Moon Lord drop. Doge Strike 100 Ranged Damage 20 UT no knockback "Much OP, Very ranger, such rocket, Wow." The Doge Strike shoots doges which explode on hit, but don't consume ammo. Fire a doge above an enemy and it will rain down rockets on them. Leaves a rainbow trail like...
  7. Nutella Fairy

    Console Console Tips need updating.

    They are so outdated they don't mention the Crimson and say souls are the most powerful items. Also, the leaderboards don't contain 1.2 bosses. It's like they copypasted the PC source code, fixed a few bugs and released it as a new version with stuff that will just confuse players into thinking...
  8. Nutella Fairy

    Moon Lord is Dolphin Confirmed

    Despite the title, this is a awesome theory of mine. Who and what is Moon Lord? Well, according to my evidence... Moon Lord is a Dolphin. Now you may be saying, "Aley, how did you come up with that amazing theory?" Well my conclusions came from many places. First, the ocean. Let's look at the...
  9. Nutella Fairy

    Xbox 360 Frost Moon help?

    I'm a ranger with a chaingun. My DPS is absolutely crazy, but I need: A mage to heal me A warrior to guard me while i'm stealthing. anyone willing to help?
  10. Nutella Fairy

    Mech Revamp, Part I

    This is the first part of what is to be three suggestions, dealing with each mech boss. In this case, the twins. I have many goals in this suggestion. Give the twins unique attacks in expert mode. Give them a weapon for each damage type. Reassign each weapon to a different obtainment method...
  11. Nutella Fairy

    Gambler NPC

    The Gambler is a new NPC who is capable of throwing all your hard-earned gold away! The Gambler has one option (bet) that allows you to bet with him. Betting will cost you 1 gold, and if you win, you will earn 2 gold back. That's about it. Now for some names and quotes. Names: Harry Nicely...
  12. Nutella Fairy

    WIP The Nose of Cthulhu

    Please read the whole OP before reporting me. Thank You. Yes, i'm serious, you just read that title, and no, i'm not joking. I want this in the game. The Nose of Cthulhu will be a joke boss, like duke fishron, with completely optional drops, yet challenging to kill. We all know that Cthulhu has...
  13. Nutella Fairy

    How to open saved drafts?

    I made a saved draft for the first time (I usually just keep my tab open) and I can't find it! Help?
  14. Nutella Fairy

    Necro, Jungle, Molten, and Bee with unique set bonuses.

    Meteor and the evil armors are fine, but the 1.0 "endgame" armors should be more unique. Molten: Helmet: 8 defense, 5% increased melee damage Shirt: 9 defense, 4% increased melee damage Pants: 8 defense, 5% increased melee damage Set Bonus: Fire from melee weapons inflict "scortched" for 3...
  15. Nutella Fairy

    Celebration and SDMG Gimmicks.

    Let's look at a list of some guns. Musket- no special abilities Flintlock- no special abilities Minishark- no special abilities Handgun- no special abilities (you get the point) And now we have the SDMG, a drop from the MOON LORD, with no special abilities. Let's look at the others...
  16. Nutella Fairy

    WIP Mysterious Moon

  17. Nutella Fairy

    add a reason why the player is evil.

    Sacrifice your friend who has been with you your whole journey, summoning a guardian, who you kill anyway, realeasing an undoable curse, just for progression. Keeping a child around, just for him to give you stuff for fish. Killing an old man, just so you can fight a demon again for the book he...
  18. Nutella Fairy

    Pyrite- Pirate Gold

    I always disliked how rare Golden furnature is, and how little you can get from the Pirates. Also, Dutchman doesn't drop anything! Introducing: Pyrite! What is Pyrite? Pyrite is the fancy shmancy word for "fool's gold", a metal often mistaken for gold. So it would make sense why the Pirates...
  19. Nutella Fairy

    Biome Weapon Upgrades

    It all started with this thought... "Campfire and Vampire rhymes! That would be a really cool upgrade to the Vampire Knives!!"... And then 1.3 came out, with brand new fire-themed Melee equipment. Then I thought "EPIC OPPERTUNITY TO SUGGEST CAMPFIRE KNIVES... But what about the other weapons?"...
  20. Nutella Fairy

    Queen Bee Glitch (NOT THE WORLD SPAWN ONE)

    So, here's exactly what happened: I was fighting Queen Bee with a Thorn Chackram, She flew down during her stinger/bee phase (not sure which one) and then became frozen on the mud bridge I built over the Honey. I'm not sure if the mud or the honey froze her, but she sat there for the remainder...
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