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  1. ex-moxi

    Unidirectional Minecart Track Detector or something like that.

    Welcome to Flo Tries Wiring Things! The wheneverly show about how I have no idea what I'm doing! Today, I present to y'all ladiesmen my newest craft, which is yet to be named since I feel really bad for the title right now, not gonna lie. I am building a really wacky railroad system that goes...
  2. ex-moxi

    Ask a Sad Flower Anything (but keep it to Rampart alrite)

    Hi it's ya girl squishyboxx For every question asked here I slam a frying pan against my head in your honor, you're welcome darling. I won't answer anything that might compromise my location or identity to those damn space lizards they ruined my life. I also won't answer anything about...
  3. ex-moxi

    I'm making a chart for the NPCs' biome preferences!

    Hello terrarians~ :dryadhappy: I've been having a hard time adjusting to the new happiness system introduced in 1.4, specifically because every NPC likes different biomes and different people being near them, it's very complicated! So I messed around a little bit and made a little thingy, I'm...
  4. ex-moxi

    Resolved How can you summon WoF in the drunk world?

    If the party girl replaces the guide, does that mean she dies when a voodoo doll is burned? Can the guide spawn later? How does this work?
  5. ex-moxi

    Oh, hi, didn't notice you were there.

    I came here to chew gum... And I'm outta gum. ;-;
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