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  1. Agent Sandstorm Σ

    Why am I banned from changing my profile picture as well?

    If I'm banned from profile posts, why am I banned from changing my profile picture as well? It makes no sense. I'm fine with just being banned from profile posts, but WHAT LOGIC DOES IT MAKE SENSE TO BAN ME FROM CHANGING MY PROFILE PICTURE AS WELL? If this is an error, I hope it gets fixed soon.
  2. Agent Sandstorm Σ

    Humorous The somewhat neutralists barracks

    Here's a place to rival the other "armies" and to share your (violently) neutral thoughts about things.
  3. Agent Sandstorm Σ

    Single Thread RP Borderlands: A Pandoran Adventure

    Basically, it's mostly a retelling of Borderlands with less rules on how reality works. In other words, you can use whoever or whatever you want, as long as it isn't OP and you don't powergame. Obviously based off the Borderlands series. If you have questions, go ahead and ask. If you still...
  4. Agent Sandstorm Σ

    IC A Tale of Two Countries (IC)

    Link to the OOC I never thought I'd get this far, but here goes. Information about the RP and all are in the OOC. Just choose a starting location or whatever. Both main locations have plenty of rural areas.
  5. Agent Sandstorm Σ

    OOC A Tale of Two Countries

    Clearly, I haven't learned a thing. Here's another RP. Note: Make sure to listen to some dramatic, intense music while reading this. It's been 15 years since the Civil War ended. The communist city-state of Phobos and the military-run country of Deimos have been allies since then, and not much...
  6. Agent Sandstorm Σ

    Name an underrated weapon that you like from a video game.

    I'll think of an example later.
  7. Agent Sandstorm Σ

    What game has the coolest intro cutscene?

    For me, I'd go with Borderlands 2. Can't go wrong with an epic train heist to start off a game.
  8. Agent Sandstorm Σ

    Music What songs do you like that are from genres you don't?

    I can't think of an example currently, so provide your own, I guess!
  9. Agent Sandstorm Σ

    IC A Block-Filled World (Minecraft RP)

    Well, this is the IC. This is a modded Minecraft world. Start in a taiga woods biome or something.
  10. Agent Sandstorm Σ

    OOC A Block-Filled World (Minecraft RP)

    Basically, this is an adventure in a Minecraft world. This is meant to be a somewhat basic RP, so no inventory management or actual RNG stuff, just a text-based adventure. Mods are allowed, but only if they don't directly change the core gameplay (i.e. stuff like RLCraft and the combat system of...
  11. Agent Sandstorm Σ

    What is the funniest quote from a movie/tv show/video game/book/song to take out of context?

    This is a simple game. You list the quote, who said it, and what it comes from. Try not to include spoilers, as spoilers require context; this is supposed to be contextless.
  12. Agent Sandstorm Σ

    Single Thread RP Broken Continent (Zombie Survival RP)

    This RP also serves the purpose for being a sort-of tribute to The Apocalypse by MagiΔ. If you want to pay respects to the fallen RP, a link to the OOC is below: https://forums.terraria.org/index.php?threads/the-apocalypse.96062/ Now, for the backstory: It's been several years since the...
  13. Agent Sandstorm Σ

    Single Thread RP The Spacelands (Second Attempt)

    THIS IS NOT ENTIRELY MY RP! I am uploading this for the sake of @Glowstickdaproto, who will be managing the thread, and the whole RP. The basic idea of this is this: You're in space. Character Template is this: Basic RP Rules apply here. Characters must be accepted by either Glowstick or I...
  14. Agent Sandstorm Σ

    Humorous Name weird ideas for food combinations that could work out!

    I'll start out with one: -BBQ nachos.
  15. Agent Sandstorm Σ

    Looking for a 1.3 world with no desert.

    You heard me right: No desert. Whether this is accomplished by hand, weird world gen, or world modification, I don't care. I just want a world that is compatible with 1.3, with no desert, because I :red:ing hate the desert for taking up 95% of all worlds. 1.2 worlds are accepted as well, because...
  16. Agent Sandstorm Σ

    IC Off The Grid (IC)

    Basically, you ended up in a building, preparing to start a cross-dimensional expedition. The plot begins in the waiting room, as the characters are waiting for the vehicle to be ready. (Plot has begun.)
  17. Agent Sandstorm Σ

    OOC Off The Grid (OOC)

    This is gonna be the RP I'm gonna run. Just discuss ideas and post your characters here. Use this template:
  18. Agent Sandstorm Σ

    Name's Agent Sandstorm Σ, some weird guy on the internet

    Once again, I am reviving this thread. There are two things important about this thread: 1. You can ask my characters about stuff with them, or just me. Here's the list of characters: 2. I am also an active Mac user. As long as the questions aren't personal, aren't sexual, and don't involve...
  19. Agent Sandstorm Σ

    Anybody here play Metroidvanias? Like Super Metroid or Castlevania: Symphony of the Night?

    I play this 3D FPS that's kinda like one. It's called Prey. The 2017 one, not the 2006 one. Bit more like System Shock, but I consider that to have started something kinda like the 3D Metroidvania.
  20. Agent Sandstorm Σ

    I can't play any games on Steam anymore...

    Because Steam is a steaming pile of :red: that refuses to work.
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