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  1. stormconure

    **REPORTED** Underground Ocean biome doesn't allow pylons to work

    I thought I was being really clever and creative and I decided to build my ocean village in a cavern above one of those new ocean caves. I got NPCs to move in and I got one to sell an ocean pylon, but when I placed the pylon down right next to the NPC that sold it, it told me the pylon wasn't in...
  2. stormconure

    Catching a critter should immediately unlock it in the bestiary

    Basically what the title says. I currently have a world where I have captured 3 Grebes (with the bug net) and the grebe still doesn't appear in that world's bestiary. The bestiary is supposed to mimic the idea that as you defeat more enemies, you gain more intel on them. Well... what better way...
  3. stormconure

    PC Backgrounds cause heavy lag

    (I know I said this is a Steam issue but I have both versions and the exact same issue is present in both of them) My game often gets extremely slow - as in the response time of my mouse is off, it takes like 4x as long to mass-craft or buy items, button animations seem like they're in...
  4. stormconure

    Mob Pennants - the opposite of banners

    whoa, I'm active again? what is this witchcraft So did you know that mob banners actually decrease the spawn rate of their respective mobs? Or am I the only one who just recently found that out? Well for anyone who didn't know that they do that... they do. And it can be really annoying when...
  5. stormconure

    Expert Accessories Stay Visible in Normal Mode

    Currently, Expert characters that visit Normal mode worlds lose the sixth accessory slot. Obviously this makes sense in terms of balancing, but there's a somewhat unfortunate side-effect: the sixth accessory can't be seen on the player. I know a lot of people spend some time designing their...
  6. stormconure

    Pots Shouldn't Drop Stars

    I always found it weird that pots drop things like hearts and stars. It never made much sense. But considering how helpful the hearts can be if you're adventuring and low on health, I'm not really complaining about that. The stars, however... Consider this: usually when you're exploring, you...
  7. stormconure

    Plantera's Bulb Spawn Handicap

    Making a boss arena is often crucial to progression in Terraria, as without an arena, players are often at an extreme disadvantage (either because of terrain hazards or because the boss is simply too strong to fight without careful previous planning). For most bosses (namely the ones summoned...
  8. stormconure

    Craft Powder with Infectious Blocks

    So you have a bunch of Ebonstone in your inventory from digging, and you want to convert it back to stone. However, to do that, you have to go to the trouble of placing the ebonstone on the ground, throwing powder at it, and then picking it back up. In my opinion, it's kind of an unnecessary...
  9. stormconure

    Eclipse Sigil- Summon the Blood Moon

    The Blood Moon is one of the only events in the game that currently doesn't have a way to trigger it manually. I realize that most of the time the Blood Moon is sort of an annoyance and nobody ever wants it to happen, but... there's some semi-decent loot to be gained from fighting the Blood Moon...
  10. stormconure

    NPCs Don't Stand in Front of Chests

    This has been getting really annoying lately. I want to access my chests, but my NPCs keep standing in front of them so I can't click on them and I have to just stand there and wait until they walk away. Simple fix: Make NPCs prioritize standing somewhere that isn't in front of a chest (or any...
  11. stormconure

    Ability to Swap NPCs' Housing

    So I just started another playthrough (first time in over a year, yay!!) and being the OCD person that I am, I tend to want every NPC in a specific location following a specific pattern: the easier/pre-HM ones at the bottom of my giant tower, and the HM ones toward the top. However, I just built...
  12. stormconure

    Weird Front Page Crash on PC

    I've been part of this community for quite some time, and I think it's safe to say I know my way around this place pretty well. But a couple weeks ago something weird started happening: the front page of TCF just started crashing on me whenever I tried to get on with my laptop. I've never seen...
  13. stormconure

    Story Broadband Adventures: The Story of an Internet Goer

    sorry but i decided to cancel this
  14. stormconure

    [Hallow Alt] THE FLOURISH- A Different View of Chaos

    I have seen a large number of threads suggesting possible alternate Hallows. Some were funny, some were clever, and others were downright mind-blowing *cough Cyber cough*, but I haven't seen anything quite like this. I have always loved nature, so I thought, why not make a biome revolving around...
  15. stormconure

    Most Overrated or Underrated Youtubers

    What youtubers do you like that nobody ever talks about? Or, conversely, what youtubers does everyone talk about that you utterly despise?
  16. stormconure

    Blue Hearts- Make NPCs Easier to Heal

    [DISCLAIMER] I searched this topic beforehand, but things like this are hard to pinpoint with the search tool, so a similar thread may already exist without me knowing it. If one such thread does exist, please bring it to my attention. I've always found it annoying how no matter how many health...
  17. stormconure

    What Pokemon Villain Team Would You Join?

    To celebrate Pokemon Day, I think it's appropriate to make this thread. So the question is... If you could join any team (Rocket, Galactic, etc) which one would you be a part of and why? Personally I'd be part of the original team Plasma, but I'd wear the uniform of Plasma's newer version from...
  18. stormconure

    Mini-Minotaur Pet Name Change

    So I was reading the Terraria wiki for fun (cuz, yakow... that's what I do when I'm bored) and I came across the Tartar Sauce item. "Summons Pet: Mini-Minotaur". When I saw that, I cringed so hard. It was a perfect opportunity for a bad pun and THEY DIDN'T TAKE IT. I MEAN C'MON. MINI-TAUR. So...
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