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  1. Falloutguy645

    I Uh... Play Trombone. AMA!

    Nothing special about me, I just like to play trombone and piano. Feel free to ask me almost anything!
  2. Falloutguy645

    Casual Unpopular Opinion Thread

    “Got a burning unpopular opinion you want to share? Spark some discussions!” Got an opinion that makes other people say “Bleh!”? Here would be a nice thread to post it and maybe start a small conversation. I do have a teeny tiny request though. Please do not post anything that could...
  3. Falloutguy645

    Switch Apprentice’s Trousers doesn’t provide speed bonus.

    The Apprentice’s Trousers should provide a bonus 20% in speed, however when I run there‘s no extra boost in speed. Without the trousers on, I run at 15 mph. With the trousers on, I still run at 15 mph.
  4. Falloutguy645

    What’s your favorite instrument, and why?

    If you had to pick ANY instrument, whether you play it or not, what would you pick? Or maybe you don’t like instruments? I’d pick the trombone, it’s my personal favorite.
  5. Falloutguy645

    Switch Nebula Armor health regeneration doesn’t work (1.3.5 PC equivalent)

    The nebula armor‘s health regeneration booster does not provide any health regeneration nor does it stack (instead when grabbing another health regeneration the timer just resets). This glitch has been around since launch from what I’ve read but I haven’t seen any posts about it since the new...
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