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    Maybe I'm the next god lol

    After 5 years the man has finally got revenge on Moon Lord..... I finally beat Moon Lord on master mode and it took forever I somehow didn't die lol anyway hello :D
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    Mobile Important

    Ok I got 1.4 on Android and everything seems run fine, sometimes a crash but I can deal with it. But everytime I leave the game, j gotta keep fighting Plantera just to fight Moon Lord now idk if this is a glitch but it's really annoying me I just made the Zenith. Now idk what to do I don't wanna...
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    Eye Of Cthulhu (not by me I found it)

    Found this epic art of eye of cthulhu it's not mine I randomly found it off google it doesn't say who tho but I wanted share it and tell me what you think about it
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