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  1. Reggie Regum

    PC Reggie's Builds showcase

    2019: 2020:
  2. Reggie Regum


    Im searching builder for my adventure map, that will be dark souls style where every choice u make will change the story,the area ,the boss and the end. Im searching people good at building or wiring (both is perfect xd). If u will help your name will be in the builder part at the end of the...
  3. Reggie Regum


    I dont know if this is a new thing but i have never seen this. This is a programmable timer that auto set off at the end
  4. Reggie Regum

    Reggie's towards improvement

    WELCOME TO MY NEW THREAD: here i'm going to post every new build i make,trying to let you see my improvement. let's start whit what i hope to be my invention: a timer that turn itself off at the end of the count. dont look the machine gun (im trying to do something new) but just look in the...
  5. Reggie Regum

    PC Good?

    I want to build my base with this style.Is that good? Edit: new build Edit:another build
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