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  1. NerdBird

    Desert Homebase

    Got some inspiration after watching Chippy's couch and decided to make a homebase for my new world. Had some help from my sister for the foundation
  2. NerdBird

    Favorite Summons

    There are quite a lot of summons in Terraria and I was curious as to what yours might be? Mine are probably tied with Sanquine Staff and Baby Slime Staff, it's just so darn cute! `:passionate: (Please note that I'm only talking about the actual summons, not the whips)
  3. NerdBird

    Other Art Clay Skeletron!

    Howdy everybody! Today I will share a clay creation of Skeletron. His hands are a little weird but I enjoyed making him. I'm glad you guys have been enjoying the clay creations I have been sharing, it's been a nice distraction from the crazy things happening in the world right now. <3 As...
  4. NerdBird

    Other Art Eater of Worlds in clay form!

    Howdy everybody! in celebration of Terraria Journeys end coming out in 3 days I thought i'd make some more clay creations. This time I tried making EoW. I'm gonna try and make skeletron before 1.4 but no promises ;) Please stay safe and stay home!<3
  5. NerdBird

    What are you most excited for in 1.4?

    Just thought it would be fun to hear what other people like about the update! Mine is probably the new final sword or the bestiary =]
  6. NerdBird

    Pinky, Spikey, Baby slime and King slime all in clay form!

    Howdy everybody and welcome to the first day of may! I've been getting into making Terraria bosses with clay so I thought i'd share some slimes with you! Apologies for the lighting:( My clay art might not be the best but I enjoyed making it and that's all that matters. Stay safe and stay...
  7. NerdBird

    Other Art EoC in clay form!

    Howdy everyone! Thought I'd share this clay Eye of Cthulhu with the lovely community of Terraria. I'm not that experienced with clay so don't expect a masterpiece:p...
  8. NerdBird

    PC Dyes for minions!

    Figured it would be a cool to change the color of your minion by dyeing your staff! perhaps you could use a dye vat for it? I don't know just thought i'd share this idea. Thank you for listening to my idea! :happy: Edit: It was already said on the wiki that critter shampoo would be a thing...
  9. NerdBird

    Howdy fellow terrarians!

    Howdy! I've been playing Terraria for years now and it's one of my favorite games of all time. I'm already enjoying it here and hope I can express my feelings for this game best I can! :happy:
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